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Friday, December 23, 2016


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I visited. It looked quite nice but I saw no one anywhere -- not that I could figure out how to look. The problem was it took a very long time for a "scene" to load, both at log in and when I went to the roller coaster location. Like five minutes.

Cindy Bolero

Thank you Alicia Chenaux for including your visit to Aero Pines in Space in your Vlogmas series!

Watch here:


Are the developers planning to advertise this world outside of this blog (and the SL population)? Cause a world is nothing without its inhabitants..And we all know the majority of SL users aren't going anywhere until the world implodes (because they can't part with their prim shoes from 2004.."I paid 2 dollars for those!! That's $2.56 adjusted for inflation!)
It's looking great nonetheless. I hope they can get some "top tier" designers from SL involved. Come up with some incentives for them or something. Most of them won't budge though, until they can get at least 50 dollars out of it.
Maybe they'll join next time the lindex crashes


Also, one thing that will probably put a lot of people off are the avatars. They look kind of...cartoony. Sorta short and stocky.

For character customization (sliders)
I think they should take a look at popular games with robust character customization like The Sims 4, Black Desert, Second life (SL is probably not a good example. One of the worst avatars. But the customization possibilities are endless) and gather some ideas.

I also think they should revise the character base to be more proportionate, slim, and classically beautiful (majority of avatars in SL are quite skinny.. of course you should still be able to be fuller if you wish to) and probably smoother. People don't want their avatars to look like IMVU characters (even the people playing IMVU don't want that)
The environments and graphics are beautiful, but the avatars are quite a shortcoming

Vanity is real, most people want their avatar to be ethereally beautiful. I think they should invest in a REALLY good (smooth, proportionate, beautiful, good deformations, future proof) base character as to avoid ending up having to deal with annoying replacement bodies and heads like people in SL have to.

Do not fall into the "Creators will do that for us" trap like Linden Lab has. First impressions are everything!

Of course these are just my opinions. I think the world has great potential and I hope it succeeds! Linden Lab needs competition and a good swift kick in the ass.

Cindy Bolero

Space is in Open Beta. “Early stages” is fun and exciting to be a part of. I am looking way past what is in place, and what may or may not function right now. I know that a better avatar set and controller is coming. I know that existing and new features work better with each regular update. I am looking at the huge potential and endless possibilities beyond the basic social virtual world concept.

I am confident that this is a platform that can do what many individuals and multimedia companies wanted, that SL & OS couldn't, or didn't want to fulfill. I'm not looking for a Secondlife replacement, I am wanting to evolve and ride a new wave of online multimedia technology, to better serve entertainment, marketing, and professional use, with the capability to deliver to desktop, Web, and mobile.

But I also want a dynamic virtual world for social and leisure time. In Space, vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft will be more fun (no sim border crossings), NPCs and animals are more lifelike with AI, nature looks incredible, and builds are very detailed. I can’t wait to see what artists and creators do with entertainment venues and RP zones.

The SineSpace team have designed and developed very powerful tools and workflow built on Unity3D. Its a one-stop-shop where I don’t have to write a single line of code! Before I had to hire game developers and programmers just to get a demo scene going with a little interactivity.

But don’t think I am anti-Secondlife. I wouldn’t have been there for 10 years (very heavily invested) if it wasn’t the wonderful thing that it is. Its just that I’m not willing to settle, and do without features I can’t have, or struggle with system limitations. With Unity3D and Space, if you can think it, you can do it.


The reason I logged in was reading about the steps to protect IP rights. Unless you have been targeted over and over, you can't understand how huge this is for creators. It says a lot that space gets it. I can see having some kind of presence there when it is out of beta.

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