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Tuesday, December 20, 2016


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Shockwave yareach

So. If i buy a bed for 100us, and it turns out that bed steals someones IP, the bed i bought will vanish and i will get no refund.

Even as a creator, i think that part of their approach is foolish. Fingerprint uploads and ban people who copy/steal. But leave peoples inventories alone. How could i have known it was stolen?

I like the cash out for proven vendors only though.


Hey Shockwave,

That's partly why we hold cashouts for a little while (especially from newer creators), specifically so we can refund people who purchased those items.

If it's been on the store for more than 90 days, then the process is a bit more difficult - it's up to the creator whether simply remove from the marketplace, or remove all instances.

With that said, we're hoping to catch a lot more infringement before it happens - fingerprints is one method, manual review teams are another. We're hoping the case you outlined is rare and unusual comparatively.



Does anyone know if they have a system to adjust avatar body shape (like sliders in second life) ?
Also I noticed that Space TOS prohibits "obscene" content. That excludes anything even remotely erotic, right ?
(just checking cuz peoples opinion on whats obscene kinda varies lol)


Hey Timo,

That's actually a 'Contact Us' question - we don't explicitly ban that our review policies basically say "All mature content must be tagged using the Content Rating system." - there is a adult/unrated rating; but we're still sorting out some of the details of age verification & so forth (hence, 'Contact Us'), but we have been consulting with some people on this topic already.

Re: sliders - it's possible to make them as a content type, but we're introducing them into our base avatars very shortly; some of the morph targets/blend shapes we initially made had to be redone before we were happy releasing them. Should be released in the next major update (which typically runs on a 1-2 month cycle).


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