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Thursday, January 26, 2017


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Russians now feel they can get away with anything online.


James Printer

Considering high fidelity crashes 30 seconds after starting up, it isn't a problem.

Argo Nurmi

Although not directly stated it would appear the break-in artist possibly made off with the user account database. If this is the case other privileged structures where probably breached too. Was it simple theft or did it go deeper? A sophisticated attacker would disguise their movements and install several backdoors, so they can revisit. Of course, this can be a nightmare for the company involved. I am reminded what Stratfor when through after their meet up with members of Anonymous. The problem, however, is more interesting for HF because they plan to be an identity provider and a similar breach would take on much more serious proportions.
The ease with which even sophisticated identity safeguards can be defeated should give anyone trusting the public Internet pause.

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