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Wednesday, January 04, 2017


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Chic Aeon

There were a lot of "promises" when Sansar was announced two and a half years ago. This "money will not transfer" seems to be the first major breakage. I am not surprised in the least since there are always changes as a project moves forward.

I AM wondering however how many of those "promises" made can be broken without loosing the enthusiasm of current SL residents who -- one would suspect -- could be a viable audience and possible citizenry.

And yes, likely the first kids on the block will have many advantages. They also had / have to live in a pre-betaesque world as they learn so perhaps they are due some perks.

Dartagan Shepherd

Just no. I've sworn off real-money-to-fake-money-to-real-money-to-other-fake-money-to-real-money.

Try to figure out what you're left with after that goes full circuit. It has more leaks than a rusty bucket.

Apostol Apostolov

This doesn't bother me, I always expected they would never allow a single unified wallet since that would take away so much profit from the conversion and the currency brokerage. I'd rather have Linden Labs keep the profits rather than make it easy to transfer wealth between two platforms, but that's me - I am just an end user who's barely invested 200 USD. Other people may be hit harder.

Vivienne Daguerre

If the initial 500 start off with an advantage, in having content ready to buy, that will dissipate as others come in and catch up. I hope that among the 500 there are people who are great at teaching others the ropes who will make tutorials to help get the rest of us up to speed quickly.

I also hope there are people who make great tools, such as Zedgehog Drivel who makes great prim animation scripting and avatar sitting tools, along with great tutorial videos to teach the rest of us to use them.

if they lead the way and extend a hand to those who come after, and I will not begrudge the 500 any initial advantages they may have.

Clara Seller

There are so many things these days that make me feel like I'm displaced in an alternate universe. I just don't see why any of these details matter when the big picture is so blurry. I've followed Sansar progress and I still don't see how anyone can assume many conclusions when it's so unclear WTF Sansar really is. We know that Oculus is important to Sansar. Red Flag. Abandon Ship. We're still guessing on what kind of social platform this is. We're still guessing on what you're supposed to do with all of this if you're not an experienced graphic artist. It's just weeks away from supposed completion and the tepid crowd enthusiasm is alarming. Seriously?


I'm not worried about the pioneers in Sansar. They are there for a reason. They get what they earned, including all the bugs and headaches. I'll not begrudge them a nice profit margin. I'm more interested in whether Sansar currency will be using blockchain encryption like Bitcoin does.


Seems to me a big mistake not to use Linden dollars in Sansar, as it's already an established currency and being able to use it in Sansar would encourage existing SL users, who already own Lindens, to migrate there.


It is still just as fake as the US dollar, as I once declared. Ghu forfend that LL might actually adopt a sound currency, like a blockchain backed cryptocurrency, but that would expose the degree of their ponzi.

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