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Monday, January 30, 2017


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Amanda Dallin

This is a leading question. Incentives are not the same thing as a nudge. Incentives are positive reinforcement. Nudging is negative reinforcement.

Clara Seller

I chose "never" because I just didn't feel like getting into the mindset of trying to predict idiocy. SL residents who spend hundreds of dollars on virtual land is just one of those things that will never happen again. Put them in a different environment and you will never be able to milk that money out of them again. They are paying for a unique history and a bond with their virtual self and their expectations of tomorrow. I'm willing to bet that won't "transfer" so easily. In a new place, they may find a new reason to re-evaluate justification for that insane spending. When you're taking you're customers for a ride, it's a bad idea to stop and let them stretch their legs.

Shug Maitland

I expect them to offer some kind of incentives very early on BUT nudges and incentives will be likely to only entice me into a test presence. Second Life fills my needs for the foreseeable future and it is doubtful that most of my SL investment will transfer. I will dip my toes in the water but not jump in for a long time.

Shinigami Kayo

If Donald Trump and his crew upend net neutrality (which is fully expected) the question could become moot.

 Carlos Loff

@Shinigami Kayo
What is so special about Trup is that, contrary to other candidates, he has show the bad beas he is right from the start, most americans wanted him, now live with it - votes have consequences even pixel ones!

blip mumfuzz

How about a poll about whether or not you have any interest whatsoever in Sansar? You can probably guess my answer.


I once read an article about the possibility to wander between virtual worlds, with the same identity and assets in all of them.

If LL is smart, as they built both platforms, they would have enabled this feature for the Second Life users, not neccessarily for the Sansar users though, as they signed up for a different experience than SL sometimes is.

If above is in place (which I highly doubt) the entering the new world would have been seamless. Now it will take a lot of carrots and whips to get people over, as I've so far not seen the unique selling point of Sansar.

Orca Flotta

I specifically joined SL for, let's say virtual bicycle racing, and now LL wants me to join their own Formula One car racing simulation ... since it's so much betterer and "it's the future, man". Fuck, I know that myself. But I only wanna ride my bicycle!

So LL may nudge me as much as they want. Once the lights go out in SL, that's it then for Orca Flotta in virtual worlds. End of story.

Ren Dargonseeker

There is absolutely nothing LL could do to nudge me into Sansar - other than completely revamping the whole premise behind it and making it possible to port everything over from SL.

Like I said - absolutely nothing.

Cathartes Aura

"If you have been in a poker game for a while, and you still don’t know who the patsy is, you’re the patsy."

IMO LL is "All-In" on Sansar. By floating this trial balloon of they might "force" us all into using Sansar, they are revealing the hand they're holding. They don't even have a pair in their hand. They're best card is a One-eyed Jack. And LL thinks they can bluff all of us into folding. That we are all morons who don't know LL/SL's past history and that we will all have to go over to Sansar because the LL Board(Mitch Kapor) knows what is "best" for all of us.

How arrogant. What an example of total hubris. LL's Board is filled up with complete numnuts. LMAO!!!

It's beginning to look like the LL Board wants SL to die and go away quickly so Sansar can be a "success". IMO LL thinks they cannot support both Virtual Worlds. And that if one has to go then let it be SL and most of its troublesome residents. Two birds with one stone. ;)

And the Turkey Buzzard goes... hiss.

Joe Creator

Sounds more of a fudging you in the keister situation to me :)

even the cheerleaders will take pause they might of been lied to all this time :)

Better then Ezra

Perhaps one reason they have cracked down on the SL Forums, deleting entire topics,deleting peoples entire posting history,locking more and more threads,threatening to close the forums,threatening residents to stop posting in the forums, telling people the topic is against the rules in general discussion then deleting them when the topic is only minor and not against the rules. talks in meetings about them banning Prokofy again as an example to others.
To kill SL, it has to be from the inside out, so expect at some point they close the official forums and ignore fan forums like SLUniverse completely.

They do not have to close SL they can just create a disaster just as massive hardware failure from poor code or a virus like how U.S. took out Irans nuclear systems a few years back.

Whatever happens by LL just know it will be planned!

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