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Friday, January 13, 2017


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on a side-note, your new webpage skin makes my webbrowser very very slow.. something is not right here :/

Marianne McCann

"why not visit Penny's blog and consider introducing a "videogame camera" as an easily choose-able option?"

Seconded! This is great stuff.

Wagner J Au

"makes my webbrowser very very slow"

Sorry about that! Using Safari? Other readers have told me that's a problem. Firefox and Chrome work well (at least for Macs).


using firefox, since on big screen i also use it with 150% zoom! Page becomes unresponsive, and very often i have to kill the browsing process to actually get back control. Now what once was a fast and pleasant experience - became slow and crashy one :/


oh, and i would also take a look on optimization, your header pic alone is 701kb, which is huge, without losing significant quality - it can be brought down to 24kb, and that's only the header pic.. Loading time and performance is what makes a good page great! Let me know if you need a helping hand! :)

Brookston Holiday

Having the camera set lower also would allow buildings to be built to real world scale. When I build a yacht, it's impossible to use real life plans as a guide because I have to make all the rooms twice as tall.

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