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Friday, January 06, 2017


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Melissa Yeuxdoux

I like it, save that I wish you'd kept an image featuring your avatar's face--it's quite handsome. (Your avatar reminds me of Aarón Sanchez.)

Madeline blackbart

From a mobile users perspective the layout change is a vast improvement. The original layout had issues with the commebt box not allow more the a paragraph or two worth of text before the post button would disappear. This layout eliminates that issue. So thanks.


Looks nice. Lost some banner space. But its more modern. Have to do that with my sites to.

The Coffeehouse

Agreeing with Melissa, maybe bring back your old avatar picture and add next to new one that is made smaller. (new picture looks too pornographic , hamlet what were you thinking ?)

sirhc deSantis

Do like the snow crash banner pic. Very apt.

As to the layout? well can get used to it, resigned to sites being tailored for phones looking a bit 'sparse' and lop sided on the desktop.

And will there be a competition to guess what exactly you are doing in the pic that makes you seem so guilty?

Avatar Headline Generator

You can't polish a turd.

Bixyl Shuftan

This is the biggest change I've seen of the Notes' layout. And yes, you facing forward would look better.

As for what's new with the Newser, same as always, being Second Life's number one newsletter. :-)


I think the article titles could be bold. The weight (not size) isn't that distinguishable from the article body.

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