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Thursday, February 09, 2017


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IntLibber Brautigan

Quitters quit for all sorts of reasons. Some because there's too many around, others because there is nobody around. Everyone's needs vary. I don't consider 90 to be a particular achievement, we did a test in cooperation with Sin Wave back when the first Class V regions were introduced, and we packed over 100 into a region. There wasn't a lot of content or scripts there, of course, but the build in that image you have looks pretty basic as well. I see half of those avatars have the exact same textures on, and I don't see any flexi hair or dresses waving around.
The architecture of SL and HiFi/Sansar will be a scaling failure so long as they continue to fix server resources to simulated geographies. The entire focus of server resources should be user based, so the more people you have in an area, the more servers you have there sharing the load. Service Based Architecture is the only way to scale properly to limit latency no matter how crowded it is.


Good progress though, this is important for drawing crowds who are there to see specific events and may not have ever heard of Hi Fidelity before. CSI did this and maybe some fan art efforts on flickr, youtube and other social media? I don't know how much they draw, CSI TV show ran a sim for more than just a few hours or weeks lol. So, maybe it was drawing attention?

Hardware requirements are a big issue, Steam's page for Hi Fidelity doesn't seem to show a common desktop user sys req. Although for VR headsets, sure. Oculus has similar sys req. But Windows 7 only? What if I don't use a VR headset, would they be less?

IMVU is successful but seems to just have roomish spaces. SL makes a bundle of cash for LL, can't really complain if you are making money right?

HI Fidelity looks like a fun space and a ground floor opportunity to experience something, build things and become a bit of a VR expert in as it is open source so you can dig into the code and scratch your head a bit at least. Maybe you will learn something even! Or just...check out the cows or see a concert. Can't run it, don't have that type of hardware right now. Who knows, maybe one day things will work out a little better for me. I should really waste my time on something other than VR, I know.

Private Ryan

Looks like the military is closing down MOSES Project out of opensim due to the opensim community rejecting any help while turning down it's foundation offer.

They are closing down the Halcyon testing grid at the end of February.

They are forking a version of High Fidelity - this is big news for HiFi fans while a huge but unappreciated loss to the aging opensim platform.


High Fidelity hit over 100 avatars last Friday, February 10th. With a small, but dedicated dev team, they are slowly moving towards the vision of VR that will be open and scalable. Can I get a woot?

Douglas Maxwell

This is an impressive achievement, good job HF. We have found that the network bandwidth in these situations seems to be a rather precious resource.

I need to address comment above:
1) We no longer produce patches or submit updates to the open simulator core, rather the MOSES code can be obtained from our gitHub site if anyone wants it. Additionally, our work with Halcyon continues with some directly from their git repository.

2) MOSES-Halcyon test grid is under development and no plans to shut it down. We recently added Freeswitch voice support and tested during last two recent office hours meetings. Test grid is extremely useful.

3) While we maintain our own HF server for testing purposes, we have no plans to fork High Fidelity. We monitor HF and other projects for suitability in our research.

To monitor our progress or start a conversation, feel free to join the MOSES community mailing list:

- Send an email to [email protected] with "SUBSCRIBE MOSES-LIST" in the body (without the quotes). No subject line is necessary.
- If you successfully subscribed, you will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes. Please note that copying and pasting this text can introduce errors, so please type it out manually.
- Messages to and from the MOSES mailing list will use the email [email protected].

v/r - Doug Maxwell, Director of Project MOSES

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