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Thursday, February 02, 2017


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I guess LL is hoping people of color will just escape into VR up until the Nazi jackboots kick down their RL doors and haul them away.

Good luck with that.

lenni Foxtrot

Fantastic! Thank you LL! The world we live in in Second Life is such shared and equal ground for all. Its nice to see you shine a light on that as you also follow your heart on this topic in RL.

Crissa Kentavr

Thank you, LL, for living up to that vision of the future you keep bringing us. Despite the trolls pretending that making spaces safe is weak. But in fact, that's where we pull our strength!


Thank you Stupid people

Nalates Urriah

OMG! How do you people suck up so much fake news?

7 majority Muslim countries identified by the Obama administration that have no effective government or way for us to check one of their citizen’s backgrounds are held up for 3 months by Trump’s vetting restrictions, while we build a way to vet these people. People in those countries whether Christians, Muslims, or any other faith are all being held up.

It isn’t a ban. People coming from these countries are being slowed down but citizens from the 7 countries with green cards and military pass holders are now cleared and coming in without delay. Starting out they screwed that up. but, got it fixed. Others that have to be vetted are being delayed 2 to 3 days (or longer, depending on how hard it is to find out who they are) and then allowed in. Only those that cannot be vetted or have extremist connections are being kept out.

There are a number of majority Muslim countries that where not subjected to extreme vetting; Egypt, Pakistan, India, Saudi, Jordan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Indonesia, and others. All these countries have working governments that can prove background checks. It isn't about religion. It is about the country you are coming from and whether it has a working government.

It is NOT a Muslim ban… Geez! Read the text of the EO and think.

Next the Lab will be supporting the rioters at Berley…

Wagner J Au


Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) said in an interview on Saturday that President Trump had previously asked him about legally implementing a "Muslim ban."

But Giuliani then disputed the notion that the president's sweeping executive order barring refugees and people from seven predominantly Muslim nations amounts to a ban on Muslims.

"I’ll tell you the whole history of it: When he first announced it, he said ‘Muslim ban,'" Giuliani said on Fox News.

"He called me up, he said, ‘Put a commission together, show me the right way to do it legally.’"

metacam oh

man you know its bad when the people in the Trump cult are even crawling this blog. Its amazing how they even use a computer when they don't accept simple facts and science. If you are arguing that it's not a Muslim ban you are clearly clueless and looking for "technicalities" in some wording in some legal document. This is a racist policy against muslims period. US customs is even asking people their religion now. Get the cult members off this blog please.

Better then Ezra

All you bleeding heart liberals needs to be airdropped into those banned countries and our GLBT killing allies.. lets see what would happen to battery st. employees in the middle east..All gays and lesbians killed and stoned to death in most with Saudi Arabia hanging you on a cross to die in public,now Iran will be more moderate just forcing you to get a gender change surgery by court order, blacks are hated in middle east with most living in those countries forced to be slaves or indebted servants..

girls after age 10 in most middle east countries are taken into a room were female members of her own family take a burning hot pair of scissors cutting off her clitoris and removing as much of the vulva nerves then they take a hot hook with a ball shaped tip scalding hot inserting it into the child in the area were the g-spot will most likely be..forever disfiguring her and removing all physical pleasure she might naturally desire later as an adult..this happens to thousands a day and millions a month of women being mutilated under the name of islam that must be a very peaceful religion when they do that to a child every 2 seconds some place in the world...

Honor killings like murdering your own mother or sister is common for petty things such as cooking your meal wrong..women are seen as just property in 80% of those countries..

lets see what ebbe motive really is so the whole industry after several days cried about the so called ban so ebbe says lets jump on the bandwagon..what it all boils down to is cheap labor they fear losing that as you can get a developer from India who will work for 1/5 what an American will work for..its all about the money and the industries wanting to bring in cheap labor..

well linden lab is going to lose more customers like this they should just send every resident the link to the statement to help suffocate the cash cow a little more as it's already close to passing out..

i think many liberal ideas are noble and well intended and hopefully we get to that better world but common sense goes out the window and nothing wrong with personal or national preservation in regards to those who would kill you... be a liberal with common sense is much better then being so stupid to embrace those who would if they could stone you to death in there home countries ..stoning women to death is an every day event across the middle east seen almost as a sport..people gather by the thousands to watch woman gets brains bashed out by a rock because she had an affair or was just accused of one

most Muslims are peaceful until they get a majority as with all religions that are nothing more then an outdated form of government and social control..were is god? he is just make believe if you want god then look in the mirror that's the only one that can help you.

no wonder Philip left that god awful place and is smart enough to stay a business man by not getting involved in politics as that's what it is under a false cloak of morality.

The more savages they keep over there the better we are, after all we got enough savages over here already, just look around the room tonight, if you cannot find one, it's because you are the one!

metacam oh

Someone is off their meds

metacam oh

Also I'm not even political Im just a normal dude from NY who knows what a fraud Trump is. You'll be embarrassed one day that you bought that snake oil BS, but wow act like the guy is a deity? I'm embarrassed for you. He's glorified used car salesman. I'm astonished anyone falls for that crap. Good luck.

Cathartes Aura

What hypocrites... I haven't seen one of these LL SJW freaks ever once protest highly skilled United States citizen IT workers being replaced by unskilled H1-B cheap labor. Never once...

Remember this attitude. LL backs cheap labor, Illegal Aliens, and so-called immigrants over their fellow citizens. Vote with your pocketbook. Do not spend 1 cent in SL on anything. Do not support any business in-world that backs this nonsense. Vote with your wallet...

And the Turkey Buzzard goes... HISS!!! ;)

Clara Seller

This is a great fight that we can go 'round and 'round with and everyone is a winner and loser. Pick a side and dig in your heals and let the insults start flying. It's perfect to keep us entertained and divided and to keep our eyes off the fact that our government is killing innocent civilians for profit and destroying our Constitution in the process. Our elected heroes and villains are united in being unwilling to give up the spoils of these non-war wars. There is no righteous way to deal with the aftermath when the problem is so corrupt. It's just a dance.

Cathartes Aura

I wonder what other issues the "people" at LL want to take a stand on? Should we all compile a list for them to answer? Prayer in the schools? Abortion? OPEN BORDERS? ;) White Guilt? ;) Self-Hatred? Hatred of country? ;) Etc. Etc.

Let's go all in on this SJW thang... I want LL to take a position on the top 100 issues of the day. From Global Warming to Baby Killing. Let's hear them all...

Or could all this be a "false flag" operation to kill off SL. To assist Sansar??? Would be perfect, huh? Immediately drive off a huge chunk of SL residents who are not SJW numnuts. The Silent Majority... ;)

And the Turkey Buzzard goes... hiss ;)

Ginger jam

This from the folks whose biggest contribution in 2008 was bouncing b**bs. Who cares what LL's political views are? I only care what they are doing with the products they make that I use.


Cathartes Aura, with all due respect, you do not sound like someone who has enough spare money lying around to spend in SL anyway. Sad!

Hope you enjoy being effed over by The Tramp!


Best press release from LL ever. I hope Trump will not last his regular term as the US president.


Just another case of virtue signaling to avoid becoming the next #deleteUber.

Talk is cheap, do they actually plan to do anything besides just having a webmaster publish something on a website? Offer premium memberships to people in these countries so they can atleast visit or work in US virtually?

Do as I say not as I do

Scandinavia must be the prime place of import for LL's 'immigrant' workers judging by the photo. Don't see much diversity there at all. lol

Cathartes Aura

@MARGARET I think most folks have had more than enough of Open Borders, globalist, SJW nonsense. Don't you get it? "They" seek to divide us all. Divide us based on race and class and gender and education level and and and... While "they" rape us all economically to benefit themselves and only themselves. Wise up. ;)

Thea dreem


If the muslim ban isn't a muslim ban, then why offer visas to plaintiffs in the resulting lawsuits? We all heard over and over again what a tough litigant Trump is. Could it be because he can't win? Maybe he'll start listening to his AG ... oh yea, he fired the one who told Congress not to consider it ... Sessions will tell him what he wants to hear, not what is right, just or constitutional.

metacam oh

also tired of the both sides are equally bad. Sorry no. One side will look you straight in the face and tell you climate change is a hoax. You lost me there. It's not rocket science either, but if you can't agree the sky is blue then I am not going to give you the time of day.

Jake and the Fatman

Hopefully no one with a small army of bots will go around spamming the grid the link to the statement by linden lab as that would be a disaster!

Madeline Lorenz

This makes me want to delete second life...SMH


Yeah your VR Worlds are no different (or better) than the real world.

You still get the vile racists, phony Christians and general ignoramuses in both worlds.

Nice to see so many new people with bedsheets over their heads. Perhaps they should just put "I voted for Trump' on the main lands and in their store fronts? Why not truly show your love and support?

DJ Smith

Like they care, why not show respect to residents also, like unfairly banning people without evidence

Better then Ezra

@Kim Kim

I never voted for Hitlery or Grump !

One party system pretending to be two..president is a nobody no matter who it is..all the power is in congress and senate the 1% who control the sheep

Your so off base and blinded to one viewpoint and angle it's so sad!
Bow down to your neon god.

One thing about jesus,budda and most imaginary religions they do not practice the truth in the link.. krazy thing was some judge without common sense let him go..the guy walked free with no prison time..were was the victims rights?

"Yeah your VR Worlds are no different (or better) than the real world."
Sounds like somebody needs a hug:-)

Shuichi Shinji

@Better then Ezra: How does stopping/delaying immigration solve any of the issues you mentioned? You name Saudi-Arabia first, why is it not part of it?

@Cathartes Aura: "Don't buy at the Jew's"? If you don't get the reference, google it. History repeats itself...

Cathartes Aura

@Shuichi. As a supporter of Jews, Judaism, and the State of Israel, you have no right to accuse me of Anti-Semitism.

How many of these so-called refugees - Muslims are Anti-Semites? How many view Israel as a illegal Zionist entity. How many muslims seek to kill every Jew in Israel - men, women, and most importantly - children?

According to Islamic lore a Jewess - Zeynab bint Al-Harith poisoned Muhammad after he murdered her entire family. She should be held up as an heroine in the non-muslim world. @Shuichi - But to someone like you she's just a "dirty jew". F#$k you moron...

And the Turkey Buzzard goes... HISS! ;)

Shuichi Shinji

@Cathartes Aura: You obviously didn't get the reference. I did not accuse you of anti-semitism, but your choice of words was very unfortunate:

"Vote with your pocketbook. Do not spend 1 cent in SL on anything. Do not support any business in-world that backs this nonsense. Vote with your wallet..." (Cathartes Aura 2017)

"Don't Buy from Jews!" ("Kauf nicht bei Juden!") (Germany 1933)

Think about it.

Better then Ezra

@Shuichi Shinji

I am against immigration completely except with the countries next door as those migrants have came to do seasonal work for hundreds of years in orchards and farms from Mexico and surrounding lands plus those people most Americans could trust and get along with and in many ways our cultures are intertwined.

Why we do not need millions of more people here and why?

1. so many millions jobs have already been shipped overseas.

2. millions of jobs are set to be replaced from driving to fast food by machines.

3. the system is already strained so badly on the state and federal level for services.

4. most Americans find in unstomacable someone who never worked a day come over here and get free life long welfare,government loans those born here cannot get, basically get anything they want then can bring more relatives over and repeat the same thing..they can own a chain of gas stations making millions but by law will never have to pay any taxes. people who often are born here do not get free education so why should someone who just got off a plane get one free?

5. we have millions here already out of work unable to find a job,housing and even a meal to eat ..millions of homeless.. low income housing crisis.

6. while Muslims know how to play out of touch upper class whites and use that to there own advantage when secretly they do not share that outlook and if given the chance will try to take over and impose there own rules often then beheading those same ivory tower liberals.

7. people that come to this county need to conform to the culture here not the other way around. sure we could use some extra spice to the melting pot but if you think your going to create areas of the country were you can impose your Islamic values on everyone and start murdering women here because they were 'unfaithful' you got another thing coming!

8. if we allowed immigration at a reasonable level but lets give the Hindu,Buddhists,Atheist,LGBT,Transgender,Sikhism,Judaism and groups on non-muslums who are victims of muslum violence 95% of those slots. lets have smarter immigration.. yes we used to take in anyone with it peaking in the 1930's that was a different time as the factories were here, not in china.

9. instead of importing so-called tech people here, we need to give those young people here incentives to be that needed group.

10. Personally I have nothing against Arabs,Indians,Africans but having enough sense to know some parts of cultures are toxic and unchangeable and when imported here they continue on with that madness.

Religion has been holding us back for a long time, but I find it even more disturbing Muslims
who believe its OK to have honor killings of young women and children because the 'man' has not been treated with respect he felt deserved. we do not need people like that here period!
we already have enough terrorism here in the USA already, we got the Bloods,Crips,MS13,FBI,KKK.. who terrorize different parts of our society already, so no we do not need to import other flavors of terror.

Report on Exploratory Study into Honor
Violence Measurement Methods
Bureau of

Dr. Rajan H. Patel

At Shuichi Shinji

Hey, brother-in-law, are you blind? Yes very very Interesting!
宍 = flesh, 道 = path/justice, 秀 = graceful, 一 = unity
Are you Japanese or do you become Japanese when only online?

Fun facts Kids!
Japans immigration policy's:
What the law does: Japan has long struggled with its demographics and immigration problems. Although the country’s aging population necessitates the importing of cheap labor, recently the Japanese government has sought to curtail immigration in an effort to shore up its unprecedentedly high unemployment figures. The most infamous of Tokyo’s new anti-immigration policies is the “Nikkei” Law. Passed in spring 2009, the law allows the Japanese government to pay $3,000 to each unemployed Latin American immigrant of Japanese descent (known as Nikkei in Japanese) and $2,000 to each of that unemployed worker’s family members to return to their country of origin. The catch? These workers and their family members would be prohibited from ever returning to work in Japan. An estimated 366,000 Brazilians and Peruvians lived in Japan at the time.
For Japan, the reasons are mainly from the development of their nationalism through a form of fear. In addition, regarding education, people born in a country are taught to love and honour their homeland. So, it becomes natural that the natives would have some distrust for someone from abroad. They may question how they could actually love and honour the homeland as much as them. Would that outsider fight and die for this country? Could they be trusted?
newspaper poll in June asked Japanese about accepting immigrants to "maintain economic vitality." Twenty-six percent favored the idea. Sixty-five percent opposed it. And the likelihood of substantive changes in immigration policy took a major hit.

Basically japan has one of the most, if not most NO immigrant policy's in the world, will not take in most Muslims or anyone else, they are worried about keeping the Japanese culture intact while keeping the streets safe and clean after all they have one of the lowest crime rates in the world.
Also it is a felony in japan to be obese! if your fat you can go to jail! Don't you have eyes? Japan wants us to take in other countries rejects.

Cathartes Aura

@Shuichi - You seem to be in denial of reality. Most folks aren't strapping bombs onto their bodies and walking into train stations, marathons, office buildings, and murdering innocents. Muslims routinely do. Hence the need for increased scrutiny of ANYONE coming for a Muslim majority country into the United States.

Buddhists, Jews, Roman Catholics, Sikhs, Pentacostals, Mormons, Hindus, etc. etc. do not routinely blow innocents and themselves up in the name of their God. Muslims do. And if polled the vast majority of the worlds Muslims would kill you, me, any non-muslim, believers and non-believers alike in the name of Allah. Study some actual history... Not Muslim Propaganda. ;)

So, by LL and you supporting unlimited Muslim immigration to my country you put me and my family at risk. So, of course I object to that. ;)

And the Turkey Buzzard goes... hissypoo. ;)

Shuichi Shinji

@Better then Ezra: I agree with many of your points, but the US are a nation of immigrants and their problems are often small compared to today's immigrants and especially refugees. I do believe in prosecuting criminals, but not discriminating people based on origin, religion etc. And I don't believe in uniting a nation by disassociating them from the rest of the world. We are all human, we all share the same planet. "America First" is too shortsighted (you can enter any other country here).

@Rajan H. Patel: No, I am not Japanese, and my personal background is actually not important regarding this topic, but if you need to now: I am German and Germany took *a lot* of refugees. I don't want to defend Japan's immigration policy, but Japan is already overcrowded... that might be another factor. And: brother-in-law?

@Cathartes Aura: Heard of the RAF (in Germany) or the NSU? None of them were Muslims. What's with the fights between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland? Fanatics and fundamentalists are everywhere. And that's what the people you mention are: fanatics, fundamentalists, and terrorists. They might be Muslims, but they are also human beings... do you call all humans terrorists? Why do you call all Muslims that? And did you look up the quote in my post? Did you understand it? Once it were Jews, now it's Muslims. Any idea who is responsibe for the instability in the Middle East? Study some actual history... Not Trump Propaganda.

Cathartes Aura

@Shuichi As long as you keep trying to label me a NAZI or maybe just fascist here's some history for ya...


And some more...


Sounds like you support real Sieg Heilers!! ;)

Cathartes Aura

@Shuichi - You keep trying to tie me to the NAZI campaign against Jewish Businesses prior to WWII.

And you keep failing miserably.

What I said was do not spend money with SL or any SL Business that supports unlimited, without necessary scrutiny, Muslim immigration. That's it. Now that doesn't make me NAZI. Fascist. Racist. Islamophobic. Or any other childish nonsense the supporters of unlimited Muslim immigration are hurling at me or others who oppose this. It's just good common sense.

Something folks like you and the LL Board(Mitch Kapor) completely lack.

And the Turkey Buzzard goes... SIEG HISS! ;)

Shuichi Shinji

@Cathartes Aura: Personal offenses won't help your cause ^^ How did I support "Sieg Heilers" when I hadn't even been alive back then? You did not speak of "unlimited" in your original post btw. - that's something I wouldn't want either. And I don't think, *all* Muslims want to come to the US, or Europe. I doubt many really *want* to leave their home.

As for the Nazi thing, I said your words were unfortunate, not that you are a Nazi. I can't say that because I don't know you. But you can try something: Compare two speeches of Adolf Hitler in 1933 (February 10 and March 21) to Trump's inauguration speech, find similarities and differences, ask yourself what you agree with and where you'd object. I don't have a link for you, but apparently yu are quick using Google and can also operate Google Translate where necessary, I am sure. And no, just agreeing with some of the points doesn't make you a Nazi either; it's what you make of the things that were said.

Cathartes Aura

@Shuichi. Many comparisons can be made between the speeches of Barack Hussein Obama and Mao or Stalin or Lenin. Do these common socialist ideas that Obama shares with those evil communists make Obama a communist? Some folks think so. I don't.

You suffer from Trump derangement syndrome. A common malady on the left... If a muslim believes that the Koran is the holy word of god, that every word in it is from god, and that it is his or her duty to wipe out any opposition to their religion or culture, then I have a problem with that. I oppose that. Now how many of these so-called immigrants hold exactly those views. ;)

And the Turkey Buzzard goes... ALLAHU HISSBAR! ;)

Shuichi Shinji

Sure, you can compare anything with anything and it doesn't prove anything. I agree with you on that, but it wasn't my point. I do find these speeches strikingly similar, but I don't think, Trump will be the next Hitler. Mostly because the US democratic system is much stronger than what was left of the one in Germany in the 1930's. But I also don't think, Trump wants to invade the world to find more room for his people - quite the opposite, actually. I also have a problem with taking the Koran (or the Bible) literally, as word of God. And I know, that exactly that is common Muslim belief. As long as no negative actions follow from it, it's ok for me, even if I don't share that belief. Treat criminals accordingly, but until then, there is freedom of religion in the US, right?

But my point actually was what you think about those points in the speeches, especially where they are similar. You don't need to answer me, it is just something for you to think about. I also said that it's not agreeing to some of the points that makes you a Nazi. When Hitler says that the German people need to work together for their country, it is not a bad thing. When Trump wants to provide jobs for Americans, then this is a good thing. (Does it include Mexicans, too? They are also Americans, as far as I know? Kidding, I know what Trump meant.) It depends what actions follow from these words, how these goals are achieved. By the American people standing together and working it out? By the American government helping their people to achieve that? By pointing at others and blaming them for everything? By stopping to extend a helping hand to others in need? By deporting unwanted people?

Better then Ezra

@ Shuichi

""' Did you understand it? Once it were Jews, now it's Muslims. Any idea who is responsible for the instability in the Middle East? Study some real history... Not Trump Propaganda.'""

And who did Hitler get the idea from to exterminate the Jews,gypsy,gays? well the 1890 to 1921 holocaust in the ottoman empire of course! Turks and Kurds slaughtered millions and millions of christian Armenians,Greeks,Jews,non-Muslims with entire towns,cities and even areas once entire countries exterminated! at least thru starvation,mass murder 20 to 25 million

Christian Genocide on epic scale! and the only reason it ended was after the Bolsheviks came to reclaim Armenia and the general of the 07th red army seen the slaughter first hand the soviet army invaded turkey in the spring on 1921 with demands for all the land back and an end to the genocide or red army would march all way to Constantinople! it took the fear from a greater evil to convince the Muslims to stop the killing fields or be a soviet republic!

So your beyond wrong! Hitler admired the Muslims, planning to spare them and telling the German people they were a lost tribe of Germans(with a tan) matter of fact he is the one
who started the revolts to get them to overthrow the British..matter of fact several times he even thought about bringing Islam to Germany as the state mandated religion!

All that shame and brainwashing done to you poor Germans shows in your comments!
you talk a good game about freedom but in your own home country you cannot even have a swastika even as a religious symbol that it is to 1/6 the world's population! ..can you start a political party based on Hitler ideas in present day Germany?(even if everyone ignored it as stupidity) .. why not ? ..so you're not so free after all!

Hitler was a Muslim!



As the article says do not show this to liberals :)

Cathartes Aura

@Shuchi. Off to watch the Super Duper Bowl.

I do not believe that "allah" is God. I do not believe that muslims worship the same god that Jews and Christians worship. I do not believe that muhammad was a "prophet of god". I do not believe that the koran is a holy book from god.

If I said that in the vast majority, if not all?, of the muslim majority countries around the world that would be viewed as blasphemy and I would be put to death. How many of these so-called "immigrants" hold exactly that same view. Death to all those who oppose Islam.

The vast majority.

Hence the need for "enhanced" vetting. If they hold those views they cannot be allowed into the United States or any other non-muslim majority country. Those views are incompatible with free speech rights here in the United States.

Large chucks of the muslim world are incompatible with free democracies. That is just a basic fact. And someone like yourself will never acknowledge that. It's in your nature to ignore the forest for the trees. ;)

And the Turkey Buzzard goes... Hissalu Crapbar! ;)

Shuichi Shinji

Hitler admired some ideas in Islam, but he also thought of them as being inferior (the 2nd link you posted also states that). He was not a Muslim. Where he got his ideas from? Maybe also from what you wrote, but on this massive scale and "perfection" (in the most negative sense of the word) and cruelty, it was unprecedented. Have you been in one of the concentration camps?

Why would they not want to show that article to liberals? Got something to hide? You might not want to show it to current right-wing parties and followers who are against Islam because their view of the world will crumble.

We have a national-socialist party called NPD which does not state publically what there ideas are based on, but it is rather obvious. There was an application to forbid them, but our version of the Supreme Court established they were against the constitution, but too unimportant now to forbid them, because that'd be a massive thing.

As for Swastikas, they are not forbidden per se; they are allowed in art and history and when distancing yourself from it very clearly (as in anti-Nazi stickers, for instance). I don't know of any active religion here using the Swastika.

There are also some ridiculous things as forbidding certain lette rand number combinations used as codes for Nazi symbols, sure.. I am not agreeing to anything that happens in my country ^^ But if we weren't as restrictive, I am sure, the US would be among the first to point their finger at us.

Are you free to have more than two presidential candidates? In theory, yes, of course, but really? Can you found a Muslim party based on terrorist ideas? Maybe you are not so free either?

Have we been brainwashed? For sure in East Germany before 1989. And if you've been living in two totally opposite political systems, you have a different view on current systems, too. You can see the same attempts being made in the Western World as well, that brainwashing is attempted everywhere, you have propaganda everywhere. Facts? Pfft, bullshit. Post-factual alternative facts are the thing now.

Sorry, I can only laugh about "Hitler was a Muslim". You obviously don't know what you are speaking of.

Shuichi Shinji

@Cathartes: How exactly are different beliefs not compatible with freedom of speech? You need to explain that ^^

We both don't have numbers (aka facts) of how many hold this belief. And we both don't know how many would act on it. It's pure speculation. So it doesn't matter even a little bit what I think or what you think.

Btw, it is common Christian belief that Allah and God are not the same - even if both religions are Abrahamitic(?) religions. Muslims acknowledge Jesus as prophet of God (but not as son of God), but not vice versa. Okay, doesn't make them terrorists ^^

Have you ever spoken to Muslims? And I don't mean "Hi. - Bye." Well, I did, and I admit, religious topics are difficult at best, but no one killed me yet. And otherwise they can be good people, not everyone follows the aforementioned rituals.

For me, the discussion ends here. You won't convince me and I won't convince you (or anyone else) - which wasn't my intention anyway, I just wanted to make people think... common sense, remember? I will still read your explanation about the freedom of speech thing, but I find it more and more pointless to discuss with people who have their views of the world and are not willing to question some of their beliefs, at least.

Enjoy the Super Bowl!

Better then Ezra

All done here on this article, as Clara's above viewpoint seems the balanced way to see it for me, I'll be leaving it at that.

Pussycat Catnap

"What hypocrites... I haven't seen one of these LL SJW freaks ever once protest highly skilled United States citizen IT workers being replaced by unskilled H1-B cheap labor. Never once..."

I'm one of those US Citizen IT workers. I might not count in your book because I'm not white... my ancestors (well some of them) only got here 40,000 years ago... does that count?

What I see is 7 jobs left open for every one worker the tech companies can find. What I see is that foreign firms are hiring Americans to work for them... in the US tech sector. What I see is highly skilled H1-B labor that comes here to help fill some of those 7 jobs, but still doesn't fill it all.

What I see is foreigners coming here, starting companies, and hiring a ton-load more people... and yet also unable to fill all of the jobs - even with a combination of Americans and Foreign labor.

Then what I see is a bunch of lazy armchair redneck conservatives in the rustbelt and South complaining about their lost industrial jobs - that vanished decades ago... who refuse to get educations and skills and get to work in the modern economy.

Me? I grew up in the ghetto. To you a gunshot is somebody going hunting... to me it means I wonder who just got hit in a driveby... I knew desperate poverty. I knew a system that tried to track me to criminality. I was first arrested at age 5.

Now I hold 3 degrees and make maybe 3 times your redneck annual income. I work on the cutting edge of technology. I have traveled abroad. I can see the bay from my bedroom window. My neighborhood is full of Americans and Foreigners - of all colors for both. We're educated people. We work hard. And we're making the computers and cellphones and applications you rednecks are using to call us lazy or libtard with...

Get back on your sofa with your beer and your welfare check... with the pickuptruck parked outside under that dixie flag... while it lasts... you did vote for the guy who plans to take it from you and give it what little left you have to Wall Street... that coal or auto-plant job isn't coming back... the robots got that... We libtards were the ones fighting to protect you... you're just too ignorant to see it...

Cathartes Aura

@Pussycat. Your ignorance and hatred of anyone not of your race and gender is obvious to all who have read the drivel you post. You hate white people. White men in particular. You're filled up with hate. And that's a sad way to live. Pitiful and pathetic. And a complete waste of your time here on Earth. Grow Up. ;)

Now what color am I? What race? What religion? What gender? What job do I hold? Where do I live? You know absolutely nothing about me but you attempt to label me as something I am not. Typical libtard behavior. Label anyone who doesn't think exactly like you do as a "deplorable". It's braindeadedness on your part. Numnuttery at its finest. It's obvious who the real racists are. It's "people" like you... ;)

And the Turkey Buzzard goes... HISS POWER!!! HISS LIVES MATTER!!! ;)

Pussycat Catnap

@Cathartes: I think it says a lot about you that you draw that conclusion about me. Is that how you feel about anyone who calls out and resists power? Or just those who call out resist racism? Sexism?

As I've said: Your kind seems to find everything 'normal' and 'not political' until those harmed by your system resist. Then we are suddenly branded as too-political, too-uppity, or racist for calling out our downpressors.

Cathartes Aura

@Pussycat. You just made my morning!!! Just did a major coffee spittake... LMAO!!!

That is the funniest thing I have read in a very long time! Thank You!

What complete utter political libtardedness... In my most "suthen redneck voice" U sur got sum fancie p'litcal idears ther, sugarpants." LOL!! ;)

All hail Chairwoman Mao(Hitlery), huh? Are you a Hitlery voter? Did you vote for that completely corrupt Establishment Hag? ;)

My thinking on your political leanings is this. I think you're full of Shiz. LMAO!!! I think you are secretly an alt-right conservative. A "We don't need no stinking badges" "Trumpista". Are you secretly a supporter of President Donald "Beautiful Golden Hair" Trump? ;)

And the Turkey Buzzard goes... All Hail Chairman Trump! He's HISSRIFIC! ;)

Boyd Doghouse

Seeing Pussycat is here instead of HIS Alter-Ego Shuichi..Hmmm. It would be my pleasure to explain to anyone how to avoid a TOXIC resident in 2ndLife like that.

Simple really: Look in profile for a statement such as "No Drama" or even the worst types in"caps" NO DRAMA PLEASE! - if you see that Mute,Derender & Swiftly ban from land you own or teleport out=)

Shuichi Shinji

@Boyd: No, Pussycat Catnap and me are different persons. But she has some very good points about immigrants bringing jobs and actually pretty much everyone being an immigrant in one way or another. Just saying - I wanted to keep out of the topic, but had to clarify that. It should actually be obvious if you compare our statements and backgrounds - but reading and understanding is not everyone's strength and is made up by personal insults. (Yes, I know about alts.) Your point about "No Drama" is right, but I don't see these words in her or my profile. Topic misconceived, sit down, F-.

Boyd Doghouse

Shuichi Shinji,
I know your both the same person, you both made the fatal flaw using my sandbox a few years back, I had on the mainland, Pussycat was talking a mess in my sandbox, hearing her from my alt then her voice changer cut out exposing her deep male African American voice, then in a graceful exit she pretended to crash!, a week later you came to my sandbox with same IP address! and again the same thing happened, a child German voice cut out to expose a deep male African American voice!

Your Busted Bro!
Anyone who knows me from my sandbox knows I recorded everyone using the stream!
you're in my database from august 14th & 22nd 2014! EXPOSED! HAHA Time to MAN up Bro!

Shuichi Shinji

Alternative facts?

Doug Reynholm

@Boyd: This has been a very spirited conversation, though I am confused how your contribution to this has anything to do with "Linden Lab Officially Condemns Trump's Anti-Muslim Refugee Policy". It would be appreciated if you kept to the topic for those who want to read about that. Thank you.

Pussycat Catnap

Shuichi who?


Do you realize Boyd, how long I have been in SL and how well known I am in many circles?

You must be the woman that went bat-crazy at Phil's Cafe a few months ago - to the point that you were the first person I've ever seen ejected from the venue, which normally tolerates just about any viewpoint. People told me you were accusing me of being someone in their chat - I don't know, the moment that person had a mental breakdown I muted them.

My alts are pretty well known. I do have one male test alt. But it's certainly not Japanese.

Oh and... I'm 1% Nigerian, but that does not make me African... :)
- I am a person of color, and it's also pretty well known what my mix is. Go take a look at the miles of information about me.

I've never heard of Shuichi - now I'm curious to go read this person's profile.

The other interesting thing is that I don't generally go to sandboxes. I've been in them a few times over the years - but most of the time I avoid them. I own a lot of SL land, I have no need to be in them. Perhaps I visited yours for a brief moment though?

You might also want to look through Hamlet's blog for a few years - I think I've been posting in here on/off regularly since 2009. Maybe started a little later. But I've been arond the block in here for a long time.

Pussycat Catnap

I also suggest you look through your chat history and figure out who it really was you think was me. Catnap is an old established SL last name. Pussycat is also not unknown as a name. But if someone used my name as a display name - look at their username.

I've been around long enough that it might have been me and I don't recall, but I also find no 'boyd' anywhere in my own chat logs.

Shuichi Shinji

@Boyd: Your attempts at trolling are ridiculous and if you are the same guy as the one in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-lmq4gEZHU then that's all I need to know. I haven't been in a sandbox for years, wouldn't listen to streams there, I don't use voice and I don't even have a fixed IP address. Of course you could post your fake logs, and then, after you took your time to fake them and post them, I could tell you everything that's wrong with them, but it's pointless discussing with trolls like you, so I will follow what Doug said and just ignore you - only sensible option. Have fun with your life - I am sure you need it :-)

Debbi Gurl

agreeing with catnap & shinji

all straits wither muslim or non-muslim should be made as a pre-peen/teen to embrace same sex love such as kissing and touching while as they grow older can move on to full love making otherwise they will grow up unbalanced it's the only way to make them see they always wanted to try the gay lifestyle but did not know were to start now it might be the only real solution to make straits see the bigger picture

Cathartes Aura

@LL What's the muslim position on LGBTQs'? Isn't being LGBTQ an instant death sentence in most muslim majority countries? Aren't homosexual acts punishable by death under Sharia Law in many many muslim countries?

And LL wants unlimited, completely unvetted, muslim immigration to the United States from countries that have these abhorrent practices. How many of these so-called muslim immigrants favor the death penalty for homosexual acts? And should "people" with that kind of hatred towards others be allowed to immigrate to the United States.

So, how does the LGBTQ community feel about LL and their sycophants being in favor of importing thousands/millions of muslim LGBTQ haters into their communities? Sounds like LL is selling LGBTQs' down the river in pursuit of their Trump Hating agenda. Wise up LGBTQs'.

And the Turkey Buzzard goes... Pork is HISSLICIOUS! ;)

metacam oh

You're more likely to get killed by lightning than you are a terrorist from the 7 countries banned. You anti immigration people are such hypocrites. Had one guy tell me the Vikings landed here before Native Americans therefore whites are native. lol This is just white supremacy but from cowards who can't admit it. Im talking to you Cathartes and better then ezra. BTW learn how to spell Trumptard.

Cathartes Aura

@metacam I notice that supporters of unlimited, completely unvetted, muslim immigration never discuss exactly what muslims think and believe.

I take muslims at their word. If they say that the koran is holy and muhammad is their prophet and that their conquest of non-muslim lands is not only allowed but commanded by God. And that once under their rule we all have to live under Sharia Law. Law that punishes LGBTQ's with death. I think anyone holding those views should be banned from entry into the United States. How about you, metacam?

Instead of hurling insults at me, why don't you engage in discussion and fact finding? Actually research muslim teaching and thinking. Social practices in muslim majority countries. How they interact with non-muslims. Etc. Etc.

If any other non-muslim group was strapping bombs onto their bodies and blowing innocents up I'd be concerned about them too. No matter who they were.

And the Turkey Buzzard goes... HISSmerica First! ;)

metacam oh

unvetted? the people coming into this country are vetted more than the President. Enough with the straw man argument. youre from immigrants, I'm from immigrants, the people who are trying to come here are trying to leave the violent extremist and war torn areas, and you want to shut the door on them? Fuck you.

Cathartes Aura

@metacam You have no clue who these "people" are. Neither do I. And there is no way to vet any of them. The countries they come from are complete basket cases. Muslim ruled basket cases.

And I see that you still aren't addressing any of the concerns of those who oppose unlimited, completely unvetted, muslim immigration.

I have major concerns about muslim treatment of women, LGBTQ folks, Christians, Jews, Free Speech rights, etc. And if ANY of these so-called immigrants hold views that go against what the United States has historically stood for then of course I oppose allowing them in. They hold views that are incompatible with being a citizen of the United States.

And evidently you are not interested in holding muslims accountable for their beliefs and practices that run counter to what America is all about. You just want to hurl insults. Typical libtard numnuttery... I present facts. You present insults. Classic! ;)

And the Turkey Buzzard goes... Crapalu Shizbar! ;)

Fact Checker

Cathartes, you present alternative facts and speculation. You did not present a single verifiable number. You did not explain what Shuichi asked, why beliefs are incompatible with freedom of speech. For actions, there are laws and ways to enforce them, but thoughts are free. You did not reply to Pussycat's fact that foreign companies are hiring American workers. Nor that immigrants can create jobs. You did not reply to metacam's "unvetted?". You did not answer any argument that did not fit into your view. Instead you have constantly been insulting and offending others.

And the Busted Turkey goes... HISS! ;)

Passing Thru

Here's an Idea just stay in your own country and mind your own business!
Stop being sissies if you got a bad government change it or die trying. so all the full grown men/women who are 'refugees' stop being cowards by taking back your countries! or die trying like real heroes do!

USA needs to leave NATO and let them face Russia in the upcoming war they have been picking alone! we need to pull out of Europe and stop spending money on people who hate us here.. very likely the Europeans minus UK hate us more then Arabs.

Cathartes Aura

@Passing. Big chunks of Islamic teaching and thought and beliefs are incompatible with Americanism and American practices. Free Speech rights, Women's rights, LGBTQ rights, etc. Muslims routinely violate other peoples rights in those areas. And they do use "actions" to deny others their rights to free speech, womens rights, LGBTQ rights. To say that is a "lie" That those practices do not go on in the vast majority of muslim countries is to deny reality.

Foreign companies do hire some americans. But to deny that our current economic system is nothing more that crony capitalism is to deny reality. Americans have had their jobs, which once paid good wages, had defined benefit pensions, and great medical care. those jobs got outsourced so the top shareholders could take their wages, pensions, and medical insurance money for themselves. American business has been on the warpath against american workers for decades. The greed of the 1%'rs knows no bounds. Fact.

Unlimited, unvetted immigration does not create jobs. It kills them. Lowers wages and benefits for the existing workforce. By flooding a labor market with too many workers wages are lowered. Fact.

Ok. I ansered all your concerns now answer mine. Or are you full of Shiz too? ;)

And the Turkey Buzzard goes... Put up or Shut Up, libtards. Now answer my concerns. Instead of being HISSterical libs. ;)

Cathartes Aura

@ Passing. My Apologies! The last post was intended for the libtard, Fact Checker, not for you. Have a glorious day! ;)

Fact Checker

Cathartes, you didn't answer why thoughts and beliefs are incompatible with free spech. You ignored that for actions, there are laws and law enforcement - IF they are in the United States. You did not explain how keeping them in their home countries solves any of the bad things going on there without doubt. Your concern is understandable, but your "solution" is hypocritical.

You are undoubtedly right about the current economic system, but you did not explain how the greed of the 1%'rs is the fault of Muslim refugees. You did not answer the question where there is any "unvetted" immigration. I can answer it for you: there has not been any.

What you said, might be facts IF your preconditions were true - but they are not. So: alternative facts. Still no numbers how many Muslims have extremist thoughts and beliefs, still no numbers how many of them would put them into action. How many Muslim-backed terrorist attacks did the US suffer from since 2001? I am sorry, you did not answer anything.

And the Busted Turkey goes... HISS! ;)

Fact Checker

Passing Thru, isolationism sounds like a dumb idea in a globalized world. The United States tried that already. I do not think the Europeans hate the American people. I can say that I am not, but I dislike the current so-called president. If he kept his verbal diarrhea in his own country, you could argue, it is none of my business. But he does his best to piss off all other nations. Why are so many US Americans protesting? Why are so many in the UK protesting?

Your first comment about heroes is too dumb to be worth an answer.

Cathartes Aura

@Fart Checker. Still didn't answer any of my concerns? Aren't you even a little curious about actual muslim beliefs and practices? Instead of the usual propaganda about them.

Been waiting several days now for answers from libtards about muslim beliefs and practices. And still no answer... Hmmmmm Afraid to even discuss muslim beliefs and practices? Something to hide? Or are you afraid of them? "If you're scared say you're scared..." I'm not afraid to discuss any religious belief from any religion. If you believe something be loud and proud about it. Why do muslims try to obscure or hide what they actually believe and practice in their daily lives? ;)

So, no answer on Free Speech, women's Rights, LGBTQ rights, etc. Massive fail, libtard. Try again... ;)

And the Turkey Buzzard goes... Bacon is HISSlicioso! ;)

Cathartes Aura

@ Libtards Since you won't pick even one of my concerns I'll do it for you. LGBTQ Rights.

Are LGBTQ folks in any of those 7 OBAMA Terror List countries free to be themselves? Or is their very existence outlawed by Sharia Law? Is the fact that they exist punishable in those 7 countries?

Answer that, libtards...

Fact Checker

Cathartes, I replied to your concern as being understandable, but it does not have a solid basis. One that is backed with numbers and facts. I know enough about Muslim beliefs and practices and do not agree with some of them. And some I do find dangerous and disrespectful to human life. Same about certain "traditions" in other cultures. As long as they stay thoughts, they are not punishable, though. We do not live in "1984". The practices should be punished where they are against US law, like any other crime.

But you can not do anything against the practices you do not like if they are not within your jurisdiction, so if your concerns were real, you should welcome them all to come into the United States. You are not? Understandable, you do not want unvetted immigration. So are your concerns fake? Or do they only apply for US victims? Even worse then.

Still not even one answer from you, instead more insults. But replacing Fact with Fart does tell a lot about you and how high you value facts ;)

I will not participate in this discussion again before tomorrow because I will not be at the computer. But I do look forward to your well-presented facts and numbers that back your concerns.

And the Busted Turkey goes... HISS! ;)

Cathartes Aura

@Fart Checker. You're not interested in facts.

In all of those countries just being LGBTQ is a punishable offense.

According to a well known libtard newspaper, in 4 of those shizholes it is punishable by death.

Somalia, Yemen, Iran, and the Sudan. So, can I at least get this from the libtards. Would you at least be in favor of giving "people" from those 4 countries "enhanced extreme vetting"? Or are you just completely ate up with libtard ideology and dogma.

And the Turkey Buzzard goes... A Buzzard Church Service is HISSrific! I love to sing HISSyms to the Mighty Buzzard God. ;)

Doug Reynholm

@Cathartes. The United States has a system in place to vet people coming into the country. Of course, in many cases access to information about those people is not always reliable or verifiable. The USA requires those coming to visit or work to apply for a visa. It is not required of every country, and in fact there are 38 countries who don't need visas to enter the United States. Additionally, someone from those waiver countries who has traveled to any of seven specified countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, or Yemen) will need a visa and the waiver won't apply to them.

Is this a foolproof way to verify that someone has not engaged in criminal or terrorist behavior detrimental to the United States? No. But the United States also doesn't include questions about someone's opinions or beliefs of women or LGBT or race or religion, etc. Unless those opinions or beliefs have led to criminal behavior or intent subject to the laws of the land, no one is excluded because of that.

There is a stricter process for vetting refugees, which can take anywhere from two to three years for a decision to allow them into the United States. It is done in coordination with the countries of origin and the United Nations.

When an immigrant becomes a citizen of the United States, they swear an oath to the country during the naturalization ceremony. I would venture to guess that of the citizens currently in the United States, even those born there as a naturalized citizen, a large portion have opposing views and beliefs to those same concerns you raise. You can be a citizen in the United States and be opposed to LGBT, women's rights, civil rights, religious rights etc. You can burn the flag and protest against the government and legislators. There are still KKK groups and Nazi groups within the United States. There are groups that want an alternative form of government.

When I read a statement such as "...if ANY of these so-called immigrants hold views that go against what the United States has historically stood for then of course I oppose allowing them in.", I wonder how that should apply to existing citizens who hold those same views. Aren't they just as "dangerous" and should every citizen be extremely vetted, and if they hold views against the United States, should they be exiled or imprisoned? I wouldn't want to live in a country that would have door to door vetting of every citizen or be exiled because of their views.

As in the United States, not everyone conforms to every belief or views of their country, heritage, ethnicity or religion. I have a friend from Saudi Arabia and another from Turkey, both Muslims, and neither hold the beliefs you seem to suggest every Muslim holds. They are not in agreement with their government about every policy. Their government might harshly punish them for those views, but it doesn't make these people threats to the United States. Sanction the country and hold them accountable, but not every person who lives in that country.

I am not a believer in labels. Someone can have conservative fiscal views yet be socially liberal, just as someone can be fiscally liberal and socially conservative, and everything in between. Putting a label on someone doesn't accept that we are all different and able to have various beliefs and opinions.

I don't profess to know every detail and statistic of this topic. I would like to make it clear that in this post, I have not said anything about you personally or labeled you. I read your posts, expressed my own thoughts and left it to the spirit of what a site like this is meant for. Sharing ideas and expressing opinions which is the foundation of free speech. I only ask that you afford me the same courtesy and respect.

Cathartes Aura

@Doug. There are a huge number of haters already in the United States. I absolutely agree with that. United States citizens that believe some absolutely repugnant things.

Add up all the mass shootings and bombings in the last few decades that target innocents and are religiously motivated. 99%+ have muslims as the perpetrators.

And as far as citing examples of "good muslims". The United States is filled up with them. Good, decent, loyal Americans that would never harm a fly. They do not wish harm on others, they believe in free speech, they respect women's rights, and they respect LGBTQ rights.

The problem is not every muslim thinks that way. Some are Koran Thumping numnuts. Complete Insane Asylums. And I want to make sure anyone gaining entry into the United States isn't a crazy like them.

Used to patronize a Saudi owned convenience store. A discussion about the Arab Spring in Egypt led him to proclaim that anyone insulting Islam anywhere could and should be punished - Beaten and or Killed. That was from a 20+ year United States resident. A citizen. Running his store in a normal American neighborhood. Completely Un-American. Against everything America has historically stood for. But according to him his religion being "insulted" entitled him to harm another human. Insane.

Hence the need for "enhanced extreme vetting". Being picky about who gets in at this point seems to be just good common sense given the complete failure of the muslim world to deal with the extremists they created.

A portion of Islam is infested and infected with hate. Not every muslim but more than enough for free democratic societies to take whatever measures they need to take to ensure that our existing citizenry isn't harmed. Just good common sense.

Talk is one thing. But too many muslims are not just talking. They're taking action. Horrible, destructive action against complete innocents.

Weed the bad ones out. Eliminate them through extreme enhanced vetting and no one has a problem with muslim immigration. But from what I am reading no one at LL or the lefties here want to do that bare minimum. They want unlimited unvetted muslim immigration to prove some kind of political point.

And that is both dangerous and crazy!

And as far as courtesy and respect, I believe that is a 2-way street. I respect you. You respect me.

If you go back through the posts I did not use libtard first. One of their own used that. So, after that I felt I had the right to use that term since they self-described as that. I believe in using whatever term someone wants to be identified with. Lord knows I'd hate to commit a micro-aggression against one of these delicate snowflakes... LOL! ;)

And the Turkey Buzzard goes... Let's gather round in a circle, hold hands, and sing Kumbaya in a low gutteral HISS. ;)

Dr. Rajan H. Patel

Doug Reynholm

Why do the Muslims head west? tell us companion why?

Fun facts Kids!
They know India embraces a majority Hindu/Pianism/sheikhs population, who when assaulted, locals who react so fierce even the jihadist blush! often Muslim suicide bomber attacks lead to entire Muslim towns/cities wiped off the face of the earth both people/mosses.

Why not China? Moslems discern the china has a large fleet of death penalty vans racking up to 100k miles a year, they deal with those guilty of treason and believe me brother if you put Allah above the ruling party that is going to be the fast ticket to met him with his 20 virgin boys in that corrupted heaven.

Why not japan? well the Japanese will provides you real honor killings, except they hold the katana welding the blade for those who attempt to corrupt[t Japanese purity!

Why not Korea? Muslims know the north will kill you on the spot, while the south attesting you have never arriving in the country(They burry you in a rice patty just like Vietnam,Cambodia and Las!)

Why not Russia? you will go to a slave labor camp to never be sighted again, the moment you speak up against the eastern orthodox church or government, you think they are hard on gays in Russia? towns often have human(extremist Muslims) vs. pitbull fights in many parts of Russia often tearing them to pieces for the dirty waste of breath they are!
Don't you have eyes? did you kiss your family goodbye before leaving this morning? you should have thinking as trackless as you are!.

For Thou art, now I know,

Father of all below,

Of all above, of all the worlds within ...

Again, Thou God! again

A thousand thousand times be magnified!

Honour and worship be -

Glory and praise, - to Thee

Namo, Namaste, cried on every side;

Cried here, above, below,

Uttered when Thou dost go,

Uttered where Thou dost come! Namo! we call;

Namostu! God adored!

Namostu! Nameless Lord

Hail to Thee! Praise to Thee Thou One in all

For Thou art All!

Let me once more behold

The form I loved of old,

Thou of the thousand arms and countless eyes!

This frightened heart is fain

To see restored again

My Charioteer, in Krishna's kind disguise

I am Time grown old to destroy the world,

Embarked on the course of world annihilation.

Bg 11.24 — O all-pervading Viṣṇu, seeing You with Your many radiant colors touching the sky, Your gaping mouths, and Your great glowing eyes, my mind is perturbed by fear. I can no longer maintain my steadiness or equilibrium of mind.
Bg 11.25 — O Lord of lords, O refuge of the worlds, please be gracious to me. I cannot keep my balance seeing thus Your blazing deathlike faces and awful teeth. In all directions I am bewildered.
Bg 11.26-27 — All the sons of Dhṛtarāṣṭra, along with their allied kings, and Bhīṣma, Droṇa, Karṇa – and our chief soldiers also – are rushing into Your fearful mouths. And some I see trapped with heads smashed between Your teeth.
Bg 11.28 — As the many waves of the rivers flow into the ocean, so do all these great warriors enter blazing into Your mouths.
Bg 11.29 — I see all people rushing full speed into Your mouths, as moths dash to destruction in a blazing fire.
Bg 11.30 — O Viṣṇu, I see You devouring all people from all sides with Your flaming mouths. Covering all the universe with Your effulgence, You are manifest with terrible, scorching rays.
Bg 11.31 — O Lord of lords, so fierce of form, please tell me who You are. I offer my obeisances unto You; please be gracious to me. You are the primal Lord. I want to know about You, for I do not know what Your mission is.
Bg 11.32 — The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: Time I am, the great destroyer of the worlds, and I have come here to destroy all people. With the exception of you [the Pāṇḍavas], all the soldiers here on both sides will be slain.
Bg 11.33 — Therefore get up. Prepare to fight and win glory. Conquer your enemies and enjoy a flourishing kingdom. They are already put to death by My arrangement, and you, O Savyasācī, can be but an instrument in the fight.
Bg 11.34 — Droṇa, Bhīṣma, Jayadratha, Karṇa and the other great warriors have already been destroyed by Me. Therefore, kill them and do not be disturbed. Simply fight, and you will vanquish your enemies in battle.

Fact Checker

Doug, thank you for this wonderful post. It felt good to read.

Cathartes, thank you for your last post as well. If you had argued like this before, I could have agreed with some of your points already, e.g. that "some" Muslims are "Koran Thumping numnuts", but not that "the vast majority" "of these so-called 'immigrants' hold exactly that same view". There are extremists in every religion and even among Atheists. People that belief in a very fundamentalist view and being the sole owner of the truth. When it comes to acting on those thoughts, the most recent terrorist attacks have been committed by Muslims, yes. But that's still no proof that the vast majority of followers of that religion are holding extremist views, as you admitted yourself when talking about "good muslims".

You mention an extremist Saudi in your example. But Saudi-Arabia was not included in the current ban. See also http://www.snopes.com/terrorist-attacks-entry-restriction/ which offers a very detailed analysis of the number of terrorists and their origin (read till the end, not just the top).

I am not convinced that "enhanced extreme vetting" would do any good. The current vetting process has been proven quite successful in my opinion. No one here has talked about "unlimited unvetted muslim immigration" except you. There is not just black and white, but also more than 50 shades of grey in between. There is not just extreme vetting and unlimited immigration; there also is what has already been done. I agree with you that it is common sense to check that no extremists enter your country, but in demanding extreme vetting, you also hold an extremist position. I do believe in treating people equally, no matter their belief, their sex, their gender, sexual orientation, color, nose size and no matter where they come from. I can see that reality demands some people being checked more intensely - but that has already been going on for years. I do not want to prove a political point by letting everyone in. But I do believe in helping people in need.

About your other post: Yes, being gay is a punishable crime there. But honestly, is it more likely that refugees there are fleeing from that or is it more likely that they are sending anti-gay terrorists that want to kill all LGBT members in the United States? Do you really believe that they are all just one homogenous mass, all agreeing with their government? Doug has mentioned two examples that show the opposite. It's just examples, but I do think that THIS is the vast majority.

About respect: I agree it is a 2-way street. But I would like you to read your first posts again and tell me where they show any respect towards people with a different opinion than you. Do not demand the respect you are not willing to give yourself. Ok, your last post showed that you can. Works for me, so I will not have another go at you.

About myself: I never used the term "libtard" and I am certainly not "one of them". I tend to speak for myself and have my own opinion. Please do not label me and do not generalize as you also did with Muslims previously. I am interested in facts and again thank you, Doug; that was very interesting and contained information I have not known yet myself. I am not interested in farts and hisses, so please let us keep up the objective and factual tone.

...watches delicate snowflakes falling down outside and thinks about the massive chaos they caused a few weeks ago, about the power of giant ice masses that were once delicate snowflakes and formed many landscapes of the Northern continents, and about the paltry remains of once huge glaciers that melted in a climate change that is being denied so often. But that is a different story, so I just keep watching the snowflakes because they look nice ;)

Cathartes Aura

@Fart Checker LL showed absolutely zero respect to folks like me who oppose unlimited, unvetted muslim emigration. They were completely disrespectful. And that "hwerts mi fweelings". But unlike all these precious little snowflakes I don't need a safe space, a teddy bear, or a pacifier to comfort me. LMAO!!!

Almost every one of the LL sycophants here hurled charges of racism and islamophobia at supporters of enhanced extreme vetting. Let's see, I got southern redneck, a white devil, a sexist, a racist, etc etc. by several libtards. And not one peep from you admonishing them for rude and disrespectful language, You are selectively outraged. You give them a pass. So, that makes you a hypocrite. ;)

There is no way to vet any of these people emigrating from any of these 7 countries. And Saudi Arabia should be added to this list. I'm all for it! Their home countries cannot vet them because they have no functioning government. The U.N. cannot vet them because they are completely incompetent. They have zero clue who these "emigrants" are. And that is a fact.

No matter how many times you slice it or dice it. That is reality. There is no way to vet any of these people. They are being let in on their word alone that they are not a threat. And that is completely insane.

See, some folks are ate up with hatred. They hate the United States. Hate what it has historically stood for. Hate conservatives. Hate white people. Especially white men. ;) And issues like this are used by them to pound away at anyone not them. All to prove a political point. ;)

I hate cliques. Any clique. F#$k the Republicans. F$%k the Democrats. F$%k Liberals. F$%k Conservatives. For the libtards and conservatards. For once in your pathetic pitiful miserable lives think for yourself. Be independent. Research issues personally. Learn how things really work. Stop being mindless parrots who always push the "party" line.

And the Turkey Buzzard goes... "The call to Buzzard prayer is the most beautiful sound I've ever heard" - TurkBama. HISSALU HISSBARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! ;)

Fact Checker

Cathartes, I see it is pointless hoping for an objective and factual discussion without insults. I was talking with you about your behavior, so it does not matter what I think about what others said. I don't like a rude discussion style from anyone, but there is no point crying to you about it. I think I made it clear that I prefer to think for myself. Some hate the US, some hate white men, some hate black women, some hate gays, some hate Muslims. Same bad thing. You say, you hate cliques, yet still you generalize and label. Despite the problems with vetting you mentioned, the system still has worked pretty well in recent years. Not perfectly, but you will never reach 100% safety unless you build a wall at all borders, sky included. I am glad I do not share your sad view of the world. Good luck, I am out, and they who have the last word are not automatically the "winner" - in fact, we are all losing, but thankfully 4 years are finite. Take care.

metacam oh

" LL showed absolutely zero respect to folks like me who oppose unlimited, unvetted muslim emigration. "

who are you fighting this battle with? You're a nut job arguing a straw man. Seek help.


Who cares what Linden Lab has to say?

They treat their own residents like idiots, and customers with utter contempt. Their developers are incompetent, their support staff useless, and their "product" unashamedly terrible.

Now don't get me wrong; I'm absolutely opposed to Trumps ridiculous ban, but Linden Lab are monsters, so them lending opposition to it is meaningless.

Kake Broek

Fascism vs Nazism! QED.


BTW, the ambiguous situation of Kavya Pearlman AKA Maya Linden appointed to the sensible position as front Information Security Director, who in view of her apparent moral and politic convictions (by religious ideology) does raise some questions about the LL neutrality or bias in the field of conflict management affairs.


(Reminder: Legislatures cannot legally create such a prohibition, consistent with long-dominant understandings of the significance of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.)

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