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Thursday, February 16, 2017


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sirhc deSantis

Radio North Sea International Radio Caroline and yep was listening when the Mi Amigo went... love it :)

You know the tech has moved on so maybe;)


Michael was the Tao of Linden personified.


Best of luck to Michael in his future endeavors. He was always a nice, friendly, patient fellow, with a sly sense of humor as well.


I remember the ferry plan. I even saved the details ;)


(SL-14786) The Ship Option: Floating Office Space for Linden Lab


Vessel Type RO-RO passenger vehicle ferry, MV "Northern Princess"
Date Built 1966 (Re-built in 1990)
Builders Canadian Vickers Shipyards Ltd.
Flag Canadian
Classification Beureau Veritas 13/3 E+
Roll on Roll Off
Passenger Ferry Coastal Waters
Ice Class 1A
Length Overall 68.6m (225')
Length Between Perpendiculars 62.5m (205')
Breadth Extreme 13.41m (46',2.5")
Depth Moulded 4.95m (16'3")
Frame Spacing 0.61m (2')
Gross Tonnage 2558 Tonnes
Service Speed 13 Knots
Passenger Capactiy 300 Persons
Vehicle Capacity 55 Car Units
Draft 4m (13.2')



Propulsion Machinery 1 Turbocharged diesel 9 cylinder

British Polar MN19S developing 2475 BHP at 335 RPM turning a fixed pitch
Auxiliary Generators 2 x 125 KW generators driven by a D342 caterpillar

1 x 125 KW generator driven by a 3306 caterpillar (installed new in 1999)

1 x 125 KW emergency generator driven by a D342 caterpillar
Bowthruster 1 Tunnel bowthruster driven Cummins KT 1150-H, 365HP (installed
in 1984)
Stern Thruster 1 Omnithruster capable of thrusting ahead, astern, and
laterally (port and starboard) driven by a Cummins KTA 19M 450HP (installed

Head Clearance
High End Center - 15'1"
Side - 14'8"
Low End Throughout - 11'3"
Length 200'
[about 15000 sq ft]

Forward Lounge Seats -120
Mens and ladies washroom
Wheelchair accessible washroom
Chair lift installed in forward staircase
After Lounge Seats - 86
Mens and Ladies washrooms
Elevator - 627kg lift
Midships Restaurant with seating for 29 persons

[Aft office space, 2025 sq ft; mid office/dining space, 2700 sq ft; forward office space, 1800 sq ft = 6525 sq ft]


Fuel Oil 61.5 Long tons
Fresh Water 25 Long tons
Water Ballast 221.62 Long tons
Lube Oil 3.38 Long tons

PRICE: now down to as low as $385,000

Dockage fees for long-term docking are negotiated on an individual basis; but the short-term rate would come out to $6843.75 per month. The Port of San Francisco fee sheet at http://pctb.com/posf.pdf would seem to indicate we could expect at least a 50% reduction in "rent" compared to short-term dockage, so say $3400 per month. "Pipe Line Charges" are $157.50 per month for each group of 3 pipes going aboard the vessel. Water, sewage, garbage, and electrical hook-up costs would probably be in line with regular "land" costs. Ship is located on the east coast of Canada.

The "owners" web page is http://www.ferryforsale.ca/

The best-deal broker is at http://shipexpo.com/sales/vessel_detail.asp?FileNo=1599


"Asking price was $2 million reduced to $850,000.......ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED
Try offers @ $385,000 to test."

Michael Blum

I think the ferry was eventually sold for service in the West Indies. The Lab missed a great bargain!

Ginger Henderson

Michael has done many great content all around SL and will be missed. Wish him the best in all he does.

Avi Arrow

There is simply too much to say. Among a zillion other things, Michael, thank you for Blumfield/West Haven, the pinnacle of all the Linden developments, and the best place for piling into Torley's Mini Moke with neighbors and friends and going for a drive. Thanks for the memories!

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