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Wednesday, February 08, 2017


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Jaime Hocken(SL name)

Very cool site man! Keep up the great work.

Kat Lemieux

HI Hamlet, Just wanted to invite you for a "VIP preview tour" of Spaceport Alpha if you're interested and have time. That's the location of the new International Spaceflight Museum that's opening next week, 18-25 June.

Just IM or email me any time if you're interested and have the time.

Oh, and I dropped a poster with LM & snapshot on you a few minutes ago, too.

Gauisus Speculaas

Obviously a nefarious scheme to take over the world of SL blogs (as if you didn't already hold prime status). I will fight it to my last virtual breath. I will rally legions against you. I will dig in, tooth and virtual nail, to assure that all the little independent blogs to which you have so condescendingly linked over the past months survive. You WILL not be Big Brother.

Just kidding.

Can I write for you?

ROfLmsAO (where s=stoopid)

(who, being nothing, has nothing to lose ;)


Hi everyone
a month ago I started an AV names Jerry Essex. He was doing well, even started to sell pictures (originals of mine) but then you had this security problem and since He was quite new, I was not able to answer the questions regrading my frineds, and the question regarding the money I had spent was probably wrong answered and I was unable to get hisnew passowrd back. I have sempt many e-mails on the support team, even called them twice, they also siad they will call me back (gave the phone number both on e-mail and on the calls) but nothing really helped. I got absolutely no support, the funny thing was that everytime they said "we appologize for hte inconviniance" or "we look for better ways to give support"... A practical joke on my behalf...

Anyway, I started (in my frustration) a new AV, named Jerry Oranos, and started to do well with him too, met a couple of nice friends, started some real estate intemidiation. But then the billing team closed my account for they wanted to beill me (second accound does coast).

So I am in a jam here, support team will not give me back my old J. Essex for their incompetant to give real help, and the billing team wants their money.

Is that a way to treat your clients? I don't think so.

I gave them a solution, eliminate one of them, and give the money it made to the other. I prefare they would leave Jerry Oranos alive (for I know HIS password) but ... I guess linden labs give shit on their customers, otherwise, I can not understand the way they are treating my simple request.

Maybe a personal e-mail ike this will make a difference.


Lomahen Sienkiewicz (Avatar name)

After paying a visit in the Second Life Boutique in the internet, I couldn't help wondering how all those Avatars on offer were made. In my opinion, the possible choices are so diverse that I can't imagine it's all the work of one person. That leads to believe that there must be some kind of (specific?) software by which these avatars were created and also introduced into the game for availabilty. So I would please like to know if there is indeed something like a 3D modeling kit which is taylored in such a manner that it works specificly in connection with Second Life. If that's not the case and the software being used is indepedant of Second Life, I would like to know how new Avatar models can be entered into the game.

I sincerely wish to read your reply.

John Brewer

What surprises me is how segregated the whole second life world is, first you have the landed gentry, second those with account information but not necessarily land. These are the only 2 groups that have any voice as free accounts don't get to use the forums or own land even if they can figure a way to earn enough money to do so. Next you have the free accounts with a bit of experience tending to be the workers and last the newbies wandering aimlessly used by the first two to boost there numbers. There seems to be an inordinate number of dance/strip/escort clubs considering the average online numbers and very few jobs resembling anything in the real world, nobody to assist you in a store, nobody doing the mundane everyday tasks that must be done in a real world. As a result you have thousands without money, without voice and really without any reason to continue the game. Until Second Life takes on a more realistic air I doubt it will expand much(not that the servers are capable), my real concern is that it closely mirrors what our real world could become as the moneyed classes more and more get their needs served while the rest are just fodder.

Charlie Beckett

Dear Hamlet,
I am the director of a journalism think-tank at the London School of Economics. I am writing a book and a report about the way that journalism can thrive in the digital age by adapting to new technology and new platforms in a networked way.
I would love to include a quote from you (1-200 words would be great) telling me how you have adapted as a journalist to your new environment. Is it different? has it posed any 'ethical' issues? do you think that it is a good example for the 'real' world?
Thanks, in advance, for your help on this and good luck with your excellent blog!
Charlie Beckett
Journalism and Society
at the LSE and the London College of Communication
For more on Polis go to:

Gwyneth Llewelyn

Hi Hammie :) I'm going to tag you ;)

Colin Stewart

Crista Lopes at UC-Irvine programmed control software for SkyTran transit system that she built in Second Life. Next she plans to use the same software in a real-world SkyTran.

James8 Halderman

I'm a SL Photographer who is also a frequent camper. At one of the places I often visit, there seems to be a person who never moves, or anything. Her profile has nothing listed, and at first, I thought she was a bot, but there's nothing for it to gain, from its location, at the sim. The Local security does not know why she doesn't move about, as a normal avatar would.
Could she be a discarded bot?

Patch Lamington

Hi there.

Can I leave a comment here that contains thoughts that clearly and obviously should have either been emailed to Linden Lab support or yourself, or left in response to particular news story?

Everyone else does, so I presume it's OK.

love and kisses


Hi Hamlet,

I'd like to include your closeup shot of Suzanne Vega's avatar on my site (w/ credits), with a link to your article. Is there an appropriate way to do that?

Thanks for your help,




Bernd Boetzel

Hi Sir,
you have contacted me last week via IM (Vision Planer) I am back in Berlin but - sorry i have lost your mail;-)

Were can i help you?? Please contact me via mail


[email protected]

Lily & Honglei

a great site! we're inspired by it for developing "Land of Illusion" site which introduces virtual world art to Chinese audience.


John Phoenix

Hey, you have a booboo on your links, the links for Surveying SecondLife and The mosque in Chebi are reversed.



Why don't you have an RSS Feed? What is the link to it and why is it so hidden?

Archie Lukas

One of my two most favourite ever SL blog sites and the one with the best links for new places to visit and misbehave in. (romantically)

I thank you.

T'other? the SL herald, whatever they call it now - but its useless for new locations.

Prof. Archie Lukas
True Brit

jjccc coronet

go to this land mark http://slurl.com/secondlife/Egremont/83/53/22

Reiko Arashi

Visual Asia in Second Life, Japanese Fashion in second life have been defamed and insulted in a racist form.

Simplicity has retorted and complained that Japan and Asia has no Gothic Culture, and should not be anywhere near a Gothic Fashion Fair. They have noted some things in vocal vulgar language about their feelings.

We have noted the racial insults that Simplicity and Synthetyc Summers has put towards japan, asia and fashion and culture from those areas.

Please boycott the 2009 Gothic Fashion Fair on the sim of Aura and save japan and asia's reputation in Second Life.

Reiko Arashi

Visual Asia in Second Life, Japanese Fashion in second life have been defamed and insulted in a racist form.

Simplicity has retorted and complained that Japan and Asia has no Gothic Culture, and should not be anywhere near a Gothic Fashion Fair. They have noted some things in vocal vulgar language about their feelings.

We have noted the racial insults that Simplicity and Synthetyc Summers has put towards japan, asia and fashion and culture from those areas.

Please boycott the 2009 Gothic Fashion Fair on the sim of Aura and save japan and asia's reputation in Second Life.

Tokyo Enyo

Kanzen Ni Jrock is a jrock (japanese rock) promotion group in second life. They have a club, and mall dedicated to 24/7 JROCK.

Between Cosplay, posters and more there's lots to offer. Located on the sim of Undraeth

Jack Buxbaum

Just... You ROCK!

I'm in NY, Jack Buxbaum in SL. I'm friends with educator's in NZ with the Auckland Educators. I've got the green light to pioneer SL in our HS this Fall (2010). I'd like to be friended by you in SL. I will be happy to post my efforts and bog results here from my efforts...

[email protected] (Jack Buxbaum in SL) I hang out on ISTE island and am a Mascot there! LOL... Now I'm going to try to "go live" with SL in my school... I sold it pretty hard and now I need to follow through...

No Fear!

Peace and thanks for all this great stuff!



As someone who's used SL photos from inacentaurdump, I'd like to invite you to donate $1 to support this pro flickr account of over 4000+ SL unedited photos


Vanadis Falconer

A year ago I was a newbie in Second Life. It was a tricky time, what to wear, where to go, must I pay for everything...and so on. But I got help from older avas.
Now I want to be helpful back on my blog i made a page for newbies, translator in left column, http://vanadisser.blogspot.com/p/ny-i-second-life-fraga-mig.html
I´m working to add more places to go more things to do. On the other pages I wrote of a lot of nice SIMs and events

brow abrahams

hi dears
i am Brow second life resident since 1 year and 7 months, i am creatore and seller of animations in SL, one day i was upload a free dances from google and others i was buy them full perm in rl, after 5 days Mr Removals4 Linden, was ask me to remove all my animations be couse this is an copyboted animation (stolen)!!! i said yes but give me proofs of who is the owner as you say M.A and A.K, but at the last i have understand that this omploiee of linden lab is the friend of this other creator and they have not proofs about copyrights, np
i want to remove them just i try to found my own ones that i was creat them to dont remove all becouse i am sur 100% thats mine
but this omploiee was ban my account for 7 days!!! (account in hold), and they removed my animations from inworld and in my inv, i was ask eavry one in the support but no one can help,
after this 7 days of hold i get back my account, and what they ask for is removed , by removals linden
lol no this peopels wasnt satisfat just like this, after 24hour they was ban me again for 14 days till 16/08/2011 !!!!! for what!!!!!!!!!!!!
when i am baned again they sent to me lot of reports of intelectual proprity yes i know but its one problem why you separat it for lot of problems !!!
yesterday i have understand why,
an account with just one report they cant remove it just like this and i have lot of money ther, so they creat lot of report as i was infract the proprity right many times to remove me with my money, this what they do, and my account is removed yesterday, and my pc cant access to sl anymore.

the money:
i have 920$ USD in my account, they have remove them with my account without asking how i take my money to my paypal becouse i am baned
this my real money i have all the transaction history about from wher i get them
my partener in SL they have remove her account becouse she know me thats all lol
yesterday she was pay the mentenance fee 295.95$ USD +the account fees (premioum) 9$ USD as avry month
they have take the money from her visa card and in 5 minut they remove her account with lok her pc in belgioum + the privat region is removed lol this relly mafia lool
and all her buseniss is removed with the her sim (this region live on it 95 residents)
in sky boxes, all this 95 peopels have lost thier items + homes resident in sl

so at last we have lost 1200$usd + our sim + 95 renter + all our other buseniss
they said ok submit an tiket and wait 7 days to get the ansowr
i have submit the tiket but this mafia track me by removing and closing my cases issu (you can check this)
and i have proofs with pictures and im's of hos they get my real informations(full nam, home adress, phone .....) from linden lab and they divulgat them to all ppls in sl,
they harass me that they know eavry thing of me, so we stole you and dont talk

Now i serch for lawyer to resolve this problem becous this mafia track me anywher and i have thir names (one of them was try to hack my msn account yesterday)

if any one of you can help please contact me [email protected]
thank you

this my last report http://sl-book.allgoo.us/h24-sl-report

look the stolers what they do
they remove me and my partener the owner of la gaumaise region
and they sell our private sim now , look at this message in our group( club la gaumaise)

[16:49] Cee (cee63): Hello,

Thank you for contacting us about this. I have brought La Gaumaise online so you can retrieve your objects. The region will go offline tomorrow.

Best wishes,

this really stole i was sell nothing
why when LL remove someone they must wait to get the back report and they must see in the tiket issu that i was sent me and my partener befor they start to remove or sell my region and they was take the money from our visa card too
sham on you LL

Culture and Tourism

I am very interested in the topic of your blog. They apply to all relevant issues, covering the events happening in the world today. I think that this blog has a great future if only the policy of the blog will not change.

Tom Papas

Hello Hamlet,

My Name is Tom Papas, Festival Director of the 48 Hour Festival Inc, a not for profit organisation that is now licensed by 48 Hour Film Project Inc, (USA) to administer and host Project 48 Machinima, formerly 48 HFP MAchinima.

I would like to invite you to be a judge on this years panel.

On Friday, March 30, at 7:00pm, teams will get a character, a prop, a line of dialogue and a genre that must be included in their film. By Sunday, April 1, the movie must be complete and uploaded by 7:00pm.

Each completed film is guaranteed a screening at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 April, 2012, in Australia, and virtually in Second Life in the following week. During the weekend,Project 48 Machinima has a full schedule of film, video and gaming screenings as well as industry talks, forums, presentations and the announcement of winners.

All films will be screened at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, www.casulapowerhouse.com

So far judges on board:

Tony Dyson, creator of Star Wars iconic robot R2-D2, will be heading the judging team. Tony Dyson, creator of Star Wars iconic robot R2-D2 and Machinima filmmaker, will be heading the judging team. Tony, will also be giving a talk about Machinima filmmaking.

Other Judges include:

Sean Callinan - Head Animation Teacher at JMC Academy

Paul Numes - Masters in Digital Media from COFA and is Sound Designer on Dystopia and Blade Symphony from Puny Human

For more information on please visit www.48machinima.com.


Don't you think -in 2012- it's time to get a decent avatar, dear guru? Lmao

Fia Wycliffe

How do you fly fast? i saw a couple did it and reed here in the blog but i cant find it.
Please respond
/hugs Fia

Wolf Baginski

This seems a bit marginal for NWN, but maybe a piece of history.

A Machinima movie with a serious pro cast, though based on WOW tech.

Brian Blessed, Joanna Lumley, Anna Chancellor, Jack Davinport


I know this looks like spam, but I figure the combination of Machinima and those actors is pretty significant.



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Looking forward to your reply

Thank you.



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Have so enjoyed your NWN's -have been reading all morning.
Thank you.


Hi, I am new to this site, and trying to buy the air and water escher dress, but cant see the shop details can anyone help?

Trin Trevellion

Hello. Nobody seems to notice, so just for your information: Your blog suddenly gets marked as malicious by Google Chrome's phishing and malware protection. It reads as follows: "The site ahead contains malware. Attackers currently on images.del.icio.us might attempt to install dangerous programs on your computer that steal or delete your information (for example, photos, passwords, messages, and credit cards).".


Previous research on virtual worlds showed that an individuals consent to participate is not always obtained.
Once signing up can u ever actually exit?
Do participants follow ethical and moral guidelines?

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