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Wednesday, February 01, 2017


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I found most racists to be liars. What's the surprise?


But are most liars racist?


Funny how this lawsuit had nothing to do with who had the earlier or better pipedream about a VR headset. It was about the significant portion of ZeniMax code, co-authored and then stolen by John Carmack, that appears now, today in every driver package for Oculus headsets sold. Code that Carmack himself admitted to stealing, which is the same code Luckeys own VR programmer testified in court that he and others were instructed to cannibalize and paste the magic parts directly into the Oculus driver package to make it work like they wanted it to. Over 10,000 VR related files, along with the complete source code for RAGE and the complete ID Tech 5 engine source were stolen by Carmack... caught red-handed. You can quibble all you want about "Nonny" because it has absolutely NOTHING to do with this case. Thieves deserve what they get when outcomes like this happen, but there's still room for it to get even better. If ZeniMax pursues an injunction to force Oculus to end all use of ZeniMax code, it's highly likely they would get it due to the proven willfulness in the actions of both Carmack AND Oculus. Oculus would be forced to rewrite their software to function differently from how it does now with ZeniMax code in it, which is what they make guilty parties in these type of cases do to prove the end result is of their own design and not still using stolen methods and code. Probably not a game-breaker if they're as good as some think they are, if they weren't stuck and needed to lift code Carmack knew existed and could get to solve their dilemma. It's better than fiction!

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