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Thursday, February 23, 2017


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Iggy 1.0

Not everyone gets to live in Pacific Heights, hobnob with other Bay Area IT mandarins, and pontificate about the desert of the real.

As I've said before, the garden of the real remains more compelling to me than what I've seen online so far. Time will tell if Philip and other utopians are onto something.

I rather hope not.

Carlos Loff

If Philip is so good in bringing it's vision to reality and having such an great start as SL, than there can be only one reason why he did not stayed at LL and changed SL instead of going back to ground zero - LL stakeholders had too much power and did not allowed Him to keep improving things to it's great final vision - That said and assumed, I hope this time He manages to maintain full control on everyting at HF, good luck, after all nobodyvwould be here now if it weren't for Philip

Sammy Bourne

I always said " if LL did not charge money for a quarter of a sim and every person could have one for free. facebook did not exist.
Maybe this can be saved , if sL could be played from a integrated mini viewer in facebook.

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