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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


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Joey Aboma

Your website has potentially dangerous or suspicious content. McAfee Advisor warns users and blocks content from your page. Something you may want to look into if you want people to read your posts. :-(

Nalates Urriah

You write as if these 200 reflect the position of all of the SL users, that this survey is proportional.

Do you have any evidence that is true?


I'm satisfied that the author of the poll sufficiently made several points in the article to clarify that this is a limited blog reader poll, not a poll of the general LL and Sansar user population.

However, an easy adjustment would be to have the headline tags end with ":Reader Survey". :)


I so regret not posting my prediction that a majority being in favour in the thread where we discussed the possibility to answer multiple times to the survey - I had my chance of looking like a prophet and I missed it :(

sirhc deSantis

Couple of points:

never had any 'wah bad content' warning here but then - McAfee 'nuff said.

Was pointed out in original that poll was erm multi-entrant and noted above.

Results seem to roughly reflect the responses over on the official blog thingy which is also a bit self selecting. Never stated anywhere that this was indicative of all SLers (nor, for that matter, if respondents were in fact SLers at all, either current or disgruntled).

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