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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


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Marianne McCann

FWIW, this poll looks like one could submit any number of responses.

sirhc deSantis

Hmmm yes the multiple reply thing - well did consider a 'yes - positive' combined with a 'no change' to indicate a 'mildly more positive' but didn't. So positive it is.

Have to work on that honesty thing I seem to be slipping :)


It does appear that anyone can send in as many answers as they want, making all results possibly invalid. Or rather automatically and completely invalid as ... unless there is some other method to dsicount multiple votes ... you could never tell what the real numbers are.

On the other hand, when you suddenly see a few thousand entries for or against you can at least see who has more clicking bots on their side.


Despite any technical flaws making the result potentially useless as you mentioned, I think asking the question is a good thing though.

Imagin Illyar

I really couldn't care less about the political views of those who don't affect politics.


@Imagin Illyar - Thumbs up!


Imagin: ill go a step further - i dont care about anyones politcal leanings, just the same as they dont care about mine.

sirhc deSantis

You have a point Shockwave et al in general terms except this is a question about a specific response to a specific case posted in Au's forum. As such it is valid. It is not as if he is asking for some sort of generic response.

As such, it has legitimacy. Looking for a response to specific well asked questions within broad sweeps always is.

Nalates Urriah

Stating of one's opinions and beliefs seems to have the most affect on the Liberal-Leftists. Many have reached a stage where they cannot tolerate any diversity and react hysterically to any thought different than their own.

Berkley, the once home of free speech, refuses to allow any discussion of non-liberal-PC concepts. The entire UC system supports liberal-socialist ideology and opposes any conservative-free market proponent. Students are not exposed to new diverse ideas anything close to a level playing field. They certainly are not allowed to decide on which ideology/philosophy is best. They are now told what is best. No opposing ideas are allowed.

Attend any on-campus Genocide Awareness Project event and watch the participants' and faculty's behavior.

Political opinion should be another facet of our personalities. While more important than whether we like angel or devil's food cake, neither should determine our like or dislike of a person or organization. Our behavior toward, consideration, and treatment of others is what best determines our social stature and whether we deserve another's friendship and respect.

It takes a mix of traditional liberals and conservatives to create a balanced system of laws. If those sides cannot be well informed (where I think Hamlet falls short) and rationally debate the issues nothing gets solved. Alinsky wrote the book for Leftist organizers based on the idea the ends justifies the means. Not informing, debating, and allowing people to decide. Thus, the growing movement to stop opposing speech and ignoring the search for truth, especially if truth/facts defeat one's agenda.

The Great American Experiment was to have the States figuring out what worked best. Each state's people decided what they would do and how they would live. They could watch the other states (requiring an honest media, not fake news) and see what worked or failed. People that got fed up with a state's stupidity and failing policies (think Chicago or Detroit) could move to another state, the essence of freedom.

Now the Federal Government tries to create uniformity and eliminate diversity. For those that want power the Left's thinking provides the road to large government and eventual Orwellian control of the people.

In my thinking the Lab's statement only reveals how misinformed the policy makers are about current events. I do not find that surprising for a San Francisco based company. That they want to help people is expressed by their actions. Caring is good. I consider their heart and minds to be well meaning in motivation.

I do think they have not thought through what consequences their actions will have on family, friends, and fellow Americans. In that regard they are being inconsiderate. Remember. At least 3 billion of the worlds people live in poverty. Imagine what America would be like if we brought them all here... We have our limits. there are smart and thoughtful ways to help. But, one must be well informed, hear a diversity of ideas, and think things through to figure out which is best and most likely to work well for all concerned.


@Natales. Old bores are quite useless.

People will read my comment but won't read yours.


This is second life, not real life. I don't want to hear any political mud slinging in SL. We have enough RL.

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