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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


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Is project syria a game?

Then why is it in a gaming forum for discussion? Why not place it in Disney cartoons: it does not belong their either. Regardless of how poorly some may word their objections, invading unrelated groups with offtopic material - any offtopic material - wont get your friends or interest in your subject. If it is a game then fine. If it isnt then no amount of pointing out that it has graphics will turn it into a game. Blender has graphics but that doesnt make it a game.

Be honest here. This was nothing but someones attempt to ram HIS cause d jour down the throats of folks who wanted to talk about games instead. And as the gamers were in a gamer discussion area, the syria subject being forced on them is akin to someone hijacking your conversation in a party to talk about Amway whether you like it or not.

And being so rude, the angry responses can hardly be called unEmpathy. People dont like their conversations hijacked is all. The poster should have had some empathy and realized that forcing the conversation to revolve around HIS interest was rude. Somehow i doubt if a bunch of folks entered a syrian relief group and went onabout how realistic call of duty is, you would not be defending the invading gamers.


It's not on "a gaming forum", it's on Steam which is a software distribution platform which focuses mostly - but not solely - on games. Especially in the VR section of Steam, there are many applications that are not games in the classic sense, but rather interactive experiences, some of which touch on RL subjects. The screenshot that Hamlet posted is from the review section for that particular application.

sirhc deSantis

...and those were some of the milder comments. I doubt even 'mass market' (wtftm) would instill 'empathy'. Hordes lack the capability.

I guess PewPewAryan does know its market though.

Amanda Dallin

Blender isn't a game but it is on Steam.


Now I do not own a VR headset or plan to buy one anytime soon, so I will sadly not see this Project Syria. But I did looked up the comments and the discusion section on Steam and seeing that pile of ugly (insert bad word of choice here) being piled up there I can only think that I am ashamed to belong to the same species that those people who write such things and seem to honestly believe into them.
It is fairly easy to discount the trolls ... like all trolls ... need the drama because they have no other source of self worth but the rest of those commenters really seem to have their minds stop developing somewhere in the previous centuries.

But it is more easy to hate then to actually learn something new and think. That costs effort and might be hurting to some of those people.

So thumbs-up for Project Syria.


Also .. Three Kings is a very good movie.

Patchouli Woollahra

Let's remember that Steam has at some point ceased to be merely a games platform - In a awkward reversal the steam account that once held several hundred dollars of games I bought now has way more money spent on videos, development tooling, utilities and even experiences like Project Syria (TBF, the cost of some of these tools heads into three figures easily, so it adds up way faster than binge-buying games during periodic mega-sales)

If you're only going into Steam to get the next high you can find, you have basically ignored a significant amount of extra value that the platform now offers. Suggest you reevaluate and look through the Software part of Steam as well.

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