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Thursday, February 09, 2017


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Carlos Loff

Mass market means your mother and your uncle will be using it frequently - Now try to picture that - We are way far from all this hype becoming reality

Wagner J Au

Yeah, exactly. Movies have also been described as "empathy machines" or in similar terms... but *everyone* watches movies. Makes it a lot easier to sneak in (if you want to call it that) moments of empathy/understanding of other people from different backgrounds.

Iggy 1.0

Viewmasters rocked as an early VR rig. My Luray Caverns and Blue-Ridge Parkway sets changed my 8-year-old life. If only I'd stopped there.

"Joie Chitwood's Tournament of Thrills," however, turned me into a psychopathic driver. So much for empathy from Viewmaster VR!

sirhc deSantis

!...highly self-selective and self-affirming" together with Evangelist. Yep sounds like a cult. Is that why they are trying to keep Luckey Boy in a cupboard?

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