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Thursday, March 30, 2017


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Blue Mars looked great for anyone with a decent gaming computer, but I missed the ability to wander around like you can in SL.

Hey Hamlet, how is IMVU doing these days in comparison with SL, I've not seen any adverts for them lately.


Went into Space yesterday. It is about the same as Blue Mars. You sit there, you wait, you wait for the download to finish. Then you come to a very well done 3D landscape. You think why am i here? I this a game? No to small for that. What am i supposed to do? You look at the beautiful graphics and log off.

Thinking about buying some new land in Second life again. Maybe it will be big again. There are a lot to do in SL and a lot to explore.

sirhc deSantis

Seems not too bad a comparison so - doomed to fail then? =^^= Well World has moved on a bit, even I would be willing to give sansar a serious try, whereas blue mars left me going - erm come back when its ready vibe.


I don't mind this model - really most places in SL you have to TP to anyway (not a contiguous space) , which would be a similar experience. The main difference is that Sansar will be a longer delay as the mesh and all assets will have to download first (I assume) unlike SL where you TP to the destination then everything starts loading to screen. Sanasar will presumedly allow a much larger virtual area per region compared to SL, so there may be lots to explore in a single location. The big win with Sansar will be the frame rate, improved graphics, VR compatibility, lower 'land' costs compared to SL.

Ciaran Laval

Blue Mars, Cloud Party, High Fidelity, take your pick. As Mac points out, a lot of Second Life isn't a contiguous land mass, you have to teleport.

Sansar sounds to me like there will be experiences running on Sansar technology that are completely isolated from those who don't register with that experience, which educators may like.

CronoCloud Creeggan

I've been saying this for months, Hamlet! Ever since we learned that Sansar isn't a contiguous world. Again, "Sansar is like Blue Mars before they went mobile-dumb or like Playstation Home for the PS3, or like those Unity based Home-ish things on the PS4...but for the PC"

And need I remind everyone, that Blue Mars is "near dead" (they've closed their forum and haven't had a blog update in 4 years, their official twitter accounts for mobile and desktop news haven't tweeted since 2014) and Home IS dead.

Hey LL, that PS3 Home clone for the PC you have? Good luck with it, I mean it, but don't be surprised when it doesn't have universal appeal...just like SL didn't. (rollseyes) And I LIKED Home, I'm probably the perfect target market for Sansar, though I haven't been invited to the Beta. Heck I even paid money to "Subscribe" for a year to the PS4 version of Atom Universe (which hasn't been mentioned on NWN):


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