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Tuesday, March 28, 2017


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Flashing Merlin

Science fiction stories with this premise never seem to end well. Wishing Elon good luck on this one.


I wish the rest of us good luck on this one


Just as some people wish to have a pet, raise a child or spend time dressing a non-real person when you may profit more so (money or otherwise, sensually for example) by spending the same time around humans in the flesh. Much more of what pleases a person, from the stereotypical angle, is outside and adding more time and extra steps to the process of attaining it via virtual reality, virtual worlds or computer games is silly.

The biggest issue is IF quantum reality exists, IF there is something intelligent that can use it, control it or create it. But the argument "Why would someone do that" is easily answered by looking at ourselves. Maybe that is his point, and the only point he is making by this. Maybe he means something else by all of this? Just trying to stay relevent to the google search engine, so he drops some talk of virtual worlds because it is more efficient than product development some vapor ware? Maybe he is setting a foundation for starting a cult, you know the tech industry may get hard and he could lose a bunch of money on a few gambles. The loop is some serious engineering, some maglev endevours just don't take off and the train never really works. So, yeah, a cult should be easy enough to run. What famous people will sign up for his cult first do you think?

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