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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


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you know i really want this too work ,progress is essential but what i have seen does not make me jump on board i have faith in Linden labs and i know they will make it better the teaser was lack luster and if that's all they have right now they have a lot of work too do ,there are many VR sites out there now watch and learn you'll get it ....make it AMAZING...


Not interested in wear some uncomfortable headset- nor having sensory deprivation too boot-- Hopefully- creators in SL will move to a OS grid platform like sinewave space---- Sansar- not interested whatsoever-

Willow Dion

I wasn't very interested in Sansar before the video but now I'm less interested. Sansar is a product no one really wants to use long term but is just curious about. You don't need to wear 4 or 5 pound set of goggles on your head to be immersed in a virtual world. The main reason for Sansar seems to be that it will be sexy on a resume to be able to saw you worked on a new visual reality project. Conveniently ignoring that it was just a waste of resources.


The required big headset covering half my face is a big turn off. There is no way on God's green earth that these things will ever be cool or look good or be used outside an amusement park. Even in a public arcade, for women, it would require a bodyguard because the use of this gadget would represent a bodily risk. No, I'm not interested in Sansar.

They have gone wrong on the avatars. How can they be so uncanny valley and plastic fake while the original SL has such expressive avatars? It doesn't make sense.

Clara Seller

Usually television is pretty quick to jump on tech trends to use as props to give their characters edginess and coolness. They incorporated social media pretty quickly. If VR was really the next big thing, you'd think some characters would be rockin their headsets on the little screen by now. I'm not seeing it.


I am passionate about Second Life, social interaction platforms, I worked in an international consulting company for many years. From my perspective this is just the analysis of this graph:
1- The answer options are in general lines:
(1.1) - YES, more interested
(1.2) - YES, less interested
(1.3) - Has not made me decide
(1.4) - Other

(1.1) 23.2% = Interested
(1.2) 16.2% + (1.3) 55.6% = 71.8% = "Not interested" + "Has not made me decide" (A consumer who has doubts about buying a product, does not buy the product, therefore can not be counted as a Positive for the brand, although it can decide where we should target marketing).
(1.4) - Other.

Looking at this there are 71.8% of people who would not use Sansar at this time and only 23.2% would use it. I'm in that 71.8%, I did not see anything incredible in Sansar, just avatars walking in a street, looking at the sky, places as varied as those already exist in Second Life ... On the other hand, if it improves marketing and reach To make videos more shocking to catch the spectator there is another hard bone to crack. Yes you can convince me that Sansar is the best, my pocket is able to abandon my inventory in Second Life and start from 0 in Sansar ?.

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