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Monday, March 13, 2017


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It doesn't make me more interested, since I was interested enough already!


Me too. I was curious about it but didn't really know what it is about until now. Apart from that, I admit I'm a bit afraid that Sansar will abolish everything that was built in Second Life. That would be quite a loss.

Estelle Pienaar

For anyone interested in and informed about virtual worlds, there was not one single new or even surprising statement. So no, it didn't change anything for me.

sirhc deSantis

Have to agree, nothing new really so no change. Or should I have clicked 'other' as I also left this ....


LL has been slow-drip teasing us with Sansar news since 2014, and I am burned out. Just approve all of the applications and open the Beta already!

Better then Ezra

I'm in Sansar.. it's OK but not going to replace Second Life even in it's wildest dreams...maybe another 5 yrs of development might make it compete.

Sansar is Sansar...Second Life is Second Life!.. it's an apples and oranges comparison.

If I was able to change textures on the fly while adding and moving things around it would be very helpful...they still have a long ways to go on avatar customization but looks to be in right direction...you will never get the kind of editing like SL more like IMVU right now so far but once they allow 3rd party avatars who knows?

They really need to allow some adult things in future.

I do believe people will be able to make good money on the marketplace if they offer nice high quality things...many full perm content creators in SL would be wise to consider offer .fbx files with cross platform licensing agreements with select builders

Sansar you could create some really killer places if you got killer skills or just determined..the way they do the sky could be better..It was frustrating just making my own sky instead of the seven default ones and would like to see more filters besides colors like textures..ability to have seasons built in to the baking process outside of scripting.

You could do some really cool stuff in Sansar with time,patience and really no one has to worry about SL closing anytime soon you can take that to the bank.

If Sansar was replacing anything it would be opensim once people are able to build full size experiences.

I can see Sansar being a wordpress of VR Worlds it all makes sense and once you're in you will see that too while realizing we all had nothing to worry about all along it will be two separate platforms each offering something very unique.

I think for many Sansar will be everyones hobby and side project outside SL until the features and abilities in the next few years mature for those of use not real professionals..while if your a small studio/developer or experienced experience maker it will be much sooner and very easy to create in right away.

They got a paying customer out of me after alpha/beta

If anything Sansar will help SL grow again by bringing linden lab other products in the spotlight to new markets and consumers.

The only thing about it all that does not make sense is why LL sold Desura? when those would have been some of the very creators who might of wanted to use sansar also having the skillset to do so. I could totally see indie games in sansar that would be fun!


More of the same stuff. Ssen it before. Just open it. It is getting silly.

Clara Seller

Thanks to Better then Ezra for offering up a detailed point of view on the Sansar experience. I was assuming it would be a little more user friendly for the amateur builder. It still leaves me questioning where the mass appeal comes in. How interested will the masses be in being a passive participant in the actual construction of the experience? That doesn't sound so much like Wordpress to me. Wordpress gives your ideas a boost when you lack technical publishing skills.

I guess time will tell. I keep hearing the echo of "Content creators are King". In SL, these Kings really help us build our own little personal kingdoms. That's an important part of the equation for me.


It certainly looks pretty, but the thing that makes SL is the social interaction, not the beauty of it. Even with all the improvements that have been installed since 2006-8, the userbase has not grown but shrunk. Simply because Sansar looks amazing, that doesn't equate to 100K+ people flocking out of SL to Sansar.

What do most people in SL like? Customizing their avatar, hanging out and talking to people, and attending some kind of events. Things like building and scripting are certainly important, but less common skills that a larger percentage of the userbase relies on the more skilled set to do for them. The teaser above really made me think of Sansar as a high end, digital museum, where people make installations (call them "experiences" inworld) for others to look at and enjoy.

Maybe for SL users, Sansar will be a "Vacation" spot -- you know how you go to the mountains, or the beach, or somewhere historic and gorgeous for a while to get away and see new things? And then you go home to your somewhat more predictable but happy home? Just like I wouldn't move to a vacation spot for the rest of my life, I can't see a large set of SL users leaving their digital selves, their friends and their large inventories behind to go live in a beautiful world. I guess time will tell!

sirhc deSantis

Thanks @Better Than Ezra for that - nice to read a more balanced review from an 'insider' (anf going to take you at your word here). Doesn't change my initial response but still.
And is that a .fbx confirm? Good, already got that ability if we ever wander in.

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