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Tuesday, March 28, 2017


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Todd Adams

I think that most people would rather Linden Labs FIX Second Life and modernize it. They could make a fortune if they would increase prim and region size, reduce lag and make things more fluid like not have to have 10 HUDs to have a decent Avatar. Oh, and Eliminate tier. Just a reasonable fee for land that's comparable to virtual server pricing.

Right now, Second Life people feel abandoned - NO MATTER WHAT Linden Labs may say to the contrary.


Well Todd is right.

Flashing Merlin

My experience with introducing people to SL is that most people don't want to create or interact. They want to sit like couch potatoes and be entertained. Those who do want to interact seem to prefer to kill and destroy things: first person shooter games, World of Warcraft, etc.

SL appealed to me precisely because I do like to build and create, and don't like to kill and destroy. The only market segment the Sansar teaser seems designed to appeal to are the people already in SL, As the comments above indicate, people already in SL are not eager to move to a new virtual world and give up their SL inventory, their builds, their social networks, etc.

The lip-sync looked good, but I have to wonder if the sound will actually work, or will we keep getting, "unable to connect to voice server" messages?

We were first told Sansar would open in 2015, then 2016, then 2017, then Spring of 2017. It's already Spring, and still no opening date announced. All things considered, it doesn't bode well for Ebbe.

Clara Seller

There is nothing shocking here. At what point to we call failure? It's too early, but not really. Second Life is a successful product that is in the hands of a disastrous company that has no connection to the origin of SL success. It's all marketing calculations and strategy and not one ounce of heart. Sansar is as cold as an ice cube because it was conceived by corporate ice people. Their creation is a reflection of who they are and there's nothing attractive about it. The only squeaking excitement comes from a very small group who hopes to make a little money off of it. Sansar is the Hillary Clinton of VR. We know how that ends.

Wagner J Au

If Sansar's the Hillary of VR, who's the Trump and Putin of VR? We know Philip is the Bernie of VR, so that's covered. (Or is he the Gary Johnson?)


One, it is sansar - of those who know about it, 90percent are SL residents.
Two, of sl residents, 75 percent dont care a whit about sansar

That the video got so terrible a viewing should be a clarion warning to LL. If people cant be bothered to watch a short video, do you think people will bother to actually visit sansar either? Who are you aiming sansar to? The sl folks? We refuse to lose all that we have invested in. Gamers? They are in their games and dont need you. Average folks? With computers that cant play a video, nevermind render a world? The facebook crowd? Maybe. Not exactly big spending or leading edge crowd there.

This is a dead canary, warning LL that whoever they are aiming sansar to either isnt getting the message, or simply does not care. A very critical problem considering LL bet the business on sansar.

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