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Wednesday, March 29, 2017


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Imagin Illyar

The thing about architecture and historical recreation is that while it's fun to see once, or maybe twice if you're bringing someone new to see it - it's soon going to lose its appeal. Also - after all this time, why do the avatars look so bad? They move like puppets on strings - it's really unnatural and kind of disturbing. The faces move when they talk realistically but the way the bodies move negate that realism. After seeing how uncoordinated shaking hands look I can guess there is no sex :) There is nothing in this video that couldn't have been done better in SL.


I've been building and living in a historical 1:1 scale recreation in SL for over 7 years, just tweak your camera a little and you'll be fine.
I also used a headset to explore that same place.
As for appeal, the community has had all its almost 100 rentals permanently rented almost since day one and is doing rather well.
We also use the place for teaching.


Did they forget the DMCA takedown from the Frank Lloyd Wright foundation against Falling Water and other builds in SL?

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