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Monday, March 20, 2017


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Is it an attempt to drag VR into that never endong gender beef?

Clara Seller

Even if you subtract the statistics for women, that's still a concerning statistic for men. Wonder what the long term effects of repeated usage are?

Virtual reality, as it exists, is conflict delivered to the brain with immobilizing technology. Sight and sound say one thing, other senses say another. Maybe women just respond more strongly to the deception and vulnerability combination.

Wagner J Au

Yeah good point -- 1 in 3 of guys get nauseous, that's a huge number for a product that's supposed to become as popular as smartphones. (As hardcore VR enthusiasts claim.) Roughly 100% of males and females from 2 to 82 can use a smartphone!

Patchouli Woollahra

Virtual Reality is basically the art of selling multisensory bullpoopy to the mind. Even Second Life can occasionally cause mild VR-mental model conflicts if the camera and avatar move fast and shakily enough.

It will be a while before we can calmly accept things as they apparently are as presented in VR, and Descartes' Evil Deceiver may never check out of the building either.

If VR wants to have a long-term future as a reasonably well-used adjunct to flatscreening, it needs to figure out the causes and mitigate them significantly. Otherwise, it's like you said, Hamlet-san: it'll always be a niche or one catering mainly to entertainment.


The problem is the OR headset itself. Try a different headset and the experience is far better. I can wear a Vive for an hour but can't take more than 2 minutes in an OR.

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