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Thursday, March 16, 2017


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sirhc deSantis

'WP = small hands (tm valid would i lie respect the office also tm' signed mongrel Brit (person of pallor) thrrrrp.


Don't forget to include this racial Pride Group-
"Black Pride"
A group for black avatars to meet each other and express their pride. Get the title "Black and Proud." Black men black women African American men African American women African-American men African-American women

I also see 5 Black panther Groups that seem to be attached to the RL groups- One I looked at has the fist symbol-- seems to me f your going to police the community standards you do it fairly- or simply let Linden do their job-

My personal opinion is all races stuff should be banned- but that's me---
I a female Latino living in Miami and am tired of all this tension- just get along-


This is part of a bigger problem that Linden Labs does not enforce the community standards in general. When you can send in numerous abuse reports on someone who consistently and aggressively violates the community standards, we're left to assume that abuse reports aren't reviewed. I guess they've decided that it isn't worth it. I can understand that, but if there is no enforcement, then the community standards should be taken down, or they should be up front with the community and say that these are mere suggestions they are putting forth to cover their asses, and that there is no administrative enforcement of these standards. Either way, they should cancel the 'report abuse' feature to stop giving people false hope.


Back in 2006/7/8 there have been very active political groups in SL. Some more sane then others, some very interesting and full of smart people, some playing radicals and pretending that what they did mattered ... but in one thing they have been united. To confront and eventually drive out the fascists whereever they showed up. And it did work for the most part as there have been always people to constantly look for new groups and places and report them until LL had to take action or they moved away on thier own.
Now many of those things have been besically griefing, but I am not going to have mercy with those people.

Sadly, this is all gone now and I suspect that LL does not have the manpower to monitor all groups, what means that radicals form all sides can feel secure enough to operate openly and are not dragged to the public, shamed and pointed out in their stupidity and told to stop poluting this world with their nationalistic and fascist nonsense.

Amanda Dallin

The Celtic cross does not represent the neo-Nazis, the KKK, and other racist groups. They have used it but they don't own the symbol anymore than Hindu or Janist use of a Swastika represents support for the Nazi Party. Swastika's were used by many ancient cultures going back 12,000 to 15,000 years ago. Celtic Crosses were used in a Christian context since at least the 9th century CE and probably earlier. Context is what matters. We shouldn't let hate groups steal our symbols.


I'm also worried about groups related to ISIS (2 groups) or any other form of radical islam, or racial dividers like BLM (5 groups). And groups related to communism that have killed more people than the Nazis ever did (7 - 8 groups).


I see a lot of groups for white slaves for black men, white slaves for muslim men, etc, but I guess that's ok.

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