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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


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Carlos Loff

Some products just nail it because they show up at the right time, when the social and tech structures are right there to welcome them, 2 big examples are Go-Pro cameras and Youtube - If these 2 products were launched like 10 or 15 years earlier they would just not succeed as fast as - All of this is to say there was a great product, like 8 years ago that would just merry really well now with this Facebook attempts to virtualize, better than this hyped VR stuff, but that product is gone because it was launched just too early - It was called - Cloud Party - All in browser, no Lag and not that far from SL


Making VR "social" is really going against its nature at this state of development - it is probably the most individual centered technology there is. You are basically replacing the reality with an illusion only you experience. This is most likely the biggest obstacle for VR - the loneliness of it.

It is no wonder that that the companies that made fortune on being "social" and know the human nature understand that this is absolutely essencial to find a way to share the virtual experiences... With this many people working on it, someone is going to find a way.


Your friends in a small room. Many have tried that. It is BORING. Find a better way.. Oh right Second life.

Affan Khan

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