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Wednesday, April 26, 2017


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Patchouli Woollahra

*rolls eyes* oh dearie, Mr Au, they're falling for the snake oil hyperhypetrain all over again. is it too much to just say "we're building something we think is going to be the future, but the fun's just getting started"?

Less seriously, I think Bryn Oh was getting at something when the 'dream pods' in his recent Hand installation were surrounded by intravenous nutrient canisters. (setting aside the fact that half the lot had already perished from starvation by the time the story in it takes place!) Perhaps that's what the concessionaire of the future VR arcade will look like: putting in services to allow the user not to break their sessions up with necessary toilet or food breaks that aren't written into the VR experience itself as VR developers increase the amount of time that people can stay wired into it without discomfort setting in.

Still, I'm not too sure I like the crossover between entertainment and invalid care there. feels too dystopian even though I'm looking forward to future days always...

Clara Seller

Most of the excitement I'm seeing for VR is coming from places that hope to make money off of it. There is an independent children's clothing store close to where I work. I know the owner. She pays $7000.00 a month in rent and during peak season her sales can exceed $35000.00 a week because she sells various private school uniforms. White blouses and plaid skirts are the next big thing in children's fashion. How much more proof do we need?

Amanda Dallin

Was the IMAX VR Arcade's revenue gross ticket sales or did it take into account expenses. By the time that small theater takes into account expenses such as rent, payroll and licensing for the movies, I'd imagine it's a lot closer too that $15000 than the $45000. If the IMAX VR Arcade has expenses out of that $15000 then I wouldn't be shocked too learn they are losing money.

If profitability were demanded from the start then Facebook and Twitter shouldn't have lasted long enough too ever turn a profit. That said you have too turn that profit before you run out of startup money and credit.

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