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Thursday, April 06, 2017


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Carlos Loff

Come to Opensim, nothing missing here - Digiworldz is a great bet and I swear Im not in the company, Im just really please with the low prices, better performance and customer support that solves my tickets in few hours, sometimes in less than one hour

Joe Nickence (Joey1058)

From the picture, it looked like a cool place. I'm sorry I never got a chance to go there. I never knew about it.


@Carlos Loff
Your spam comments are beyond all bearing. They have nothing to do with the topics in Hamlet's blog. Such comments will deter many people from visiting OpenSim, because they get the impression that there are only mindless users.


It was one of my favorite places in SL and one I always loved to bring people to, to show them what is possible in SL. It is very bad for the platform as a whole to see it gone.

And I guess I should make the obligatory comment now about how LL defintely need to create a way for certain sims that really showcast what is possible and that amazed countless people to be preserved on SL.

Tim King

Ever go to Ashemi in SL? GReat little sim. But it was gone when I teleported there this past week.

Carlos Loff

Im not spamming because Im not winning anything at all at Opensim, I suffered as many the difficulty of SL tiers and that made me go out of SL - SL, besides tiers and some performance issues, is still the place where I would rather be, Im so angry with LL and found so much support at OS, that I feel I have to share this - WE are not talking about difficulties here and there, we are talking about people just shutting down for good and specifically because of tiers, and Im sharing Metaverse Resources to those in trouble with SL - My posts make total sense because Im talking about the solution to these problems, if they Open again at OS they will pay around 20 dollars/month and have more land, more prims and better performance, my posts make total sense, there is a better metaverse product nowadays and people on it are obligated to arise the issue and telling folks that shut down that they donĀ“t need to do it - I understand your suspicions around spam but also my observations are not out of place - If there is a blog about refugees and a post about someone that had to flee from a war country and I know another country that will surely embrace them I will post it and it is not spam


Don't worry, it's not gone forever. LL will just magically produce it on the grid in a few months since it now belongs to them per TOS.

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