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Wednesday, April 05, 2017


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Carlos Loff

Opensim has now some fine prifesdional grids, like Kitely and Digiworldz, so simple users may still be attached to SL friends and venues but world builders and product creators are flocking to Opensim, enjoying many advantages over SL like much cheaper lanfs, much better performance, entire worlds backups (OARs) and a mire friendly and helping core community - The only thing still needing expansion in Opensim is - more peiple and friends and also mire priducts for sale

Clara Seller

Increasing prim limits was a good thing LL did. But it wasn't enough for the long term. I own a parcel of mainland in an old water area and I rent a homestead from a land baron. The mainland area is stuck in the past like a dumpster of ugly prim builds and faded terrain. I'm amazed that people actually pay money to keep their stagnant trash can alive. I had a great deal on the homestead and my tier has recently jumped 25% to not such a great deal. In my search for alternative private land I see an increased consolidation of ownership and a coordinated effort to turn the prim increase into a profit tool for the barons. They are turning more for less into less for more for the little guy. Throw away that big home and rock your tiny cottage is popular. Come on, LL. The customers that are here to spend money and not make it are being squeezed like an old dish rag just like in real life. The model for Sansar is looking to be more of the same. Profit is king and monopolies rule.

Calla Cela

I have been in Second life since 2005 and been a content creator and land owner in West Haven since 2006, but SL has made it harder and harder to create content. I am concerned that SL is tearing itself apart with Sansar. Why should I abandon thousands of US dollars, not Lindens in my creations to start over? I think that Sansar will attract new people and leave Second Life full of ghost towns.


Who knew a ski school grad could lose 50 million so easily?

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