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Wednesday, April 26, 2017


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So on her channel she is using and promoting a cracked version of Marvellous Desiner
She has also made a video how to install this cracked version ... not ok then ... don't promote this


It's true Gingko is a Goon, and you will learn lots of stuff, some of which will annoy others... But you know what, she has done more to promote content creation and in SL, and in kind community heath, than the vast majority of content creators that hoard knowledge like some sort of Illuminati.

There is content and there is art - They are not the same! Wagner, if you want to explore "deeply controversial (at best) activity" then perhaps you should look at mesh body dev kits that are simply not available to the average tinkerer... It is BS, and it hurts the community more than a few hackers ever did.

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