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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


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And so i say it again."There is some kind of problem with Sansar".

Carlos Loff

Here we go again with headsets - VR headsets are not bad but in an competitive world where people are divided between SL, Opensim, Sansar, Spaces, HF and more... If Sansar wants to start with a good user-base it should not be aimig to Headsets so deeply - Im still curious on what the covenant behind SL sees as a new Virtual Platform, dont deny that

Cisop Sixpence

The problem with headsets (well one of the problems), is that the Real World is cut off. In Second Life and other virtual worlds where VR headsets are not required or even a majority of the user base set up you still are in touch with others in the room. While I understand the desire to seclude yourself in the virtual world for that ultimate experience, there are many who still like to keep a foot in the real world. Maybe because it would be rude to others to just completely tune them out, or maybe your dog has a bladder issue and needs to go out a couple times while you are online, or you just like to multitask inworld and in reality. They should not exclude those who don't have a headset strapped to their skull.

I'd personally like to see them dabble in some augmented reality. Maybe see the avatars I'm socializing with online, in my living room. Not just on my screen in my living room, but really... well virtually in my living room.


I don't understand this perceived need to see the real world while in a virtual world. The entire concept of VR is to ESCAPE the real world. With multiplayer you will have virtual contact with others - look at the glowing reviews for the VR Star Trek Bridge Crew game as an example.

Gene Turnbow

Everything I've seen so far suggests that Linden Lab is on the trailing edge of VR research rather than the leading edge, especially when open source projects like Philip Rosedale's http://highfidelity.io are so far along by comparison. Sansar really has no hope of catching up, which is a serious problem for Linden Lab, who was betting the ranch on holding their position as industry leaders.

Flashing Merlin

I'll wait until the Irish Times story is confirmed, then I'll say it again: The longer Ebbe can postpone opening Sansar, the longer he can keep his job.

The signs of impending disaster: this is yet another postponement; it's aimed at goggle wearers, a very limited market; they're already behind Facebook and HF; the teaser was aimed at SL users who seem to want to stay in SL rather than migrate; no third party viewers, when Linden Labs has never been able to make a viewer everyone liked. And as Hamlet pointed out, they are only now starting on a terrain editor when this should have been in place years ago.

I won't be surprised to see Ebbe follow Rodvik's example, and resign before it becomes obvious Sansar is a failure.

Tim King

For me, a company's success depends a lot on the founder's vision. I like the vision of SL, Sansar, and Hi-Fidelity. And despite the naysayers Second Life is still a money maker after so many years.

I'm hoping Sansar and Hi-Fidelity can be used with just a desktop computer. I'll become a member of both.

I'm thinking 2018 will be the year for me to invest in VR headsets. Hopefully the price will be low enough and the quality high enough to dive in. Maybe they'll have some special discounts to mark Virtual World Day on June 23rd.

Northern Kiara

From what I understand Sansar is currently in closed Beta.
The next stage would be open Beta wouldn't it?

Also from what I understand, Headsets will not be a requirement to participate.

"It will empower people to easily create, share, and ultimately monetize their own interactive social experiences that can be enjoyed in VR with head-mounted displays like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, as well as via PCs and, later, other platforms."

Elizabeth P.

I have been looking forward to Sansar, but if they are only accepting people with actual headsets for their Open Alpha/Beta (at this point, I thought it would be open beta?) then I am out of luck. It'll take years yet, most likely, for headsets to become more popular and supported. Not all of us even have quality PCs to be able to use a headset with from what I hear.

I just want to use Sansar, for awhile, without having to use a headset. I am hoping they will allow those of us to use it during open testing without one. If not, welp... Their loss.

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