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Friday, April 14, 2017


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Iggy 1.0

There's something pathologically wrong when:

1) A Silicon-Valley dierati like Luckey cannot understand your point, as if the operating system in his head does not work that way and

2) When bedding a fake celebrity in a fake world causes us more outrage than, say, the blood and guts of a typical FPS game or, for that matter, a climate-change-denying charlatan in a red baseball hat squaring off against another clown who brandishes his nukes in North Korea.

At times like these, I wonder if our civilization even deserves to survive.

Estelle Pienaar

Secondlife is a community while the Oculus Rift is a technology. Porn can be a part of the internet without damaging the image of let's say Facebook. In the same way can be a part of VR without damaging the reputation of SfW communities. It's a question of seperating the products. While Secondlife no one can ever be sure not to run into a flying dick anywhere. So it's like comparing apples with flying banana dildos...


Oh, come on. Palmer was very very familiar with SL. But seriously, any narrative that was sh!tting on his payday was not going to be acknowledged as anything other than insane.


The real promise of vr will be uploading our minds into substrates that can be backed up giving us eternal lives, or perhaps interestingly letting us live as many lives as we want, being reborn each time to develop a greater enlightenment as to what life truly is about.

Clara Seller

I think that the media is a lot more predictable these days. If you want the media to overlook any negativity about your product, you just need to negotiate a trade or the right price to get them to parrot what ever you want. It's completely possible to get the women on the view to sing praise of virtually taking Taylor Swift from behind or get Brian Williams to ramble about the beauty of a big VR crotch rocket. Make it worth their while and their will sing like a flock of canaries. We live in MR...Monetary Reality.


Too often we credit artists to have some kind of deeper insight in addition to being entertainers, I guess it's because they are celebrities and they got to be worth listening to, right?

I don't quite see the problem with porn content on a VR platform, nor do I see any possibility to prevent it from happening. The decision not to view it (..or to view it) is made in our minds. No little censorship microchip can ever prevent that.


But you are right Hamlet, they need to have a strategy in place IF a scandal arises, a blueprint on how to deal with negative press. I think the SL scandals were handled "so-so" but then again I think almost all major decisions around SL platform has made me groan to myself..

ps. A news story perhaps: LL caps the sum of lindens you can convert and extract out of SL on a monthly basis and launches a e-mail verification initiative. What's all that about?


I don't detect in all of this an actual plan for combatting virtual sex with Taylor Swift, etc. I doubt that a viable plan exists. Look, everyone, the following two things are both true: (1) the internet has become essential to modern life, commerce, research, etc., etc. and (2) the internet is full of porn. And, one more thing. Every time the media produces a story about sex using Oculus Rift, the sales will go up. Humans find sex very interesting.

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