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Wednesday, May 24, 2017


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Patchouli Woollahra

Sometimes the things that succeed are not the things you expected to work. I won't lie though - I still miss Glitch.

Dartagan Shepherd

Cost effective. Great for the job market though, eh? Meanwhile other companies actually pay employees, with benefits, vacation, etc.

Phil has been at this forever from his time at LL, to a failed Coffee and Power to today.

More power to him, in a free market. But this amateur do-it-on-the-cheap approach is also what keeps something like High Fidelity from ever having a polished product like other engines in the market.

Simply compare finished products and client lists to others in the field. SL did actually have an impressive client list once upon a time. It failed to retain them precisely because this tact doesn't produce a professional end product that professionals require.

I hate that I sound like I'm always bashing, but sheesh. Stop dinking around and put on the big boy business pants.

Wagner J Au

Yeah would be great if SL had one of these!

It's not just that it's hard for startups to pay $250K to hire two devs, it's also tough for devs to even afford the Bay Area at $125K a year. A lot of them would prefer making a great living coding from a $20 beach bungalow with wi-fi on a Thai island instead.

Tizzy Canucci

"Cost effective. Great for the job market though, eh? Meanwhile other companies actually pay employees, with benefits, vacation, etc." My thought exactly, Dartagan.

Open source should be a matter of principle and ethics, not a way of avoiding paying for stuff that you are going to make a profit out of indirectly down the line.

Dartagan Shepherd

@Hamlet: There is that, I forgot how crazy costs there can be. Serves you right for being on the left coast. Funny, the other day I saw a local job offer for lead dev for a bank for security offering $30k. I think you guys can buy donuts for $30k.

@Tizzy: Agreed, too much exploitation of open source that is of no use to anyone but the company producing the product.


Cool concept. I do'nt know if they've done this before, but it makes good sense!

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