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Friday, May 12, 2017


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I've been lucky enough to receive a key for the Worlds Adrift alpha playtest, and while I do enjoying playing it immensely and find it makes for a refreshingly novel and intense experience, currently it's perfect proof how performance and "sim" crossings could also be much worse than they are in SL... The whole game freezing completely for up to 10seconds while traversing between island is the rule, rather than the exception and whole areas running in slow motion once they get littered by abandonded ships and parts have become pretty much normal over time.
As I said, I love that game, and hope the soon-to-be-released public beta will make a major leap forward in performance, I do not agree that Improbable manages to magically fix the issues we experience in SL. Also, keep in mind that Worlds Adrift is NOT a streaming environment, all the content (islands, ship components) is downloaded to your hard drive in advance and just the particular combinations and positions of actual assets get managed and synchronized on the server...
Also, sporting numbers like $500m, anyone else feels the Valley has completely lost link with reality? I see another crisis on the horizon once some of the current hype bubbles burst...

sirhc deSantis

Interesting, its a wonderfully meaningless number to be throwing around so probably about right, in valley terms. Little out of touch so how many units of one of those top AAA games get shifted by comparison? They are what 50 bucks apiece? Also curious - how much has SL actually cost the lab over all these years?

Carlos Loff

They should buy SL and make it better, no need to invent the wheel again

Carlos Loff

It is so much money - It reminds me how much Star Citizen has done with only about 200 millions, for example - How many bright brains would grab 100.000$ and startup revolutionary projects, and these giys, nothing personal against them, just get half billion - The sponsors could have a contest for creating the best virtual platforms and pay 1 million to the best 500 pitchers - OMG

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