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Wednesday, May 17, 2017


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Savannah Edge

I know I used my free LL homes for breeding and others used small plots for breeding. Those will no longer be needed.

Patchouli Woollahra

A pointed and brutal reminder that When one is deprived of long persisting causes, SL Land Ownership ceases to have urgency or importance for them. Unless Linden Lab figures out how to put in a new money and/or land sink to replace that lost by the end of Ozimals, we could be looking at a sharp plunge on the map.

sirhc deSantis

Interesting and would love to see this in depth but yeah I know - legal stuff so never really will, let alone any concrete numbers. Thing is, not the only breedable in SL )or even in OS) by a long chalk and nary a day goes by when there isn't some new one or people in groups asking for 'help' in a new project (though I guess the pets category is a little different). People I have done the odd bit of work for have other erm 'livestock' but not bunnies.

Carlos Loff

The most magical aspect of Virtual Worlds was here the most harmfull - Sinergy - When 2+2=5 - One guy is just good in designing planes, one girl is just good in scrpting flight engines, a third guy provides affordable mall stores and sudently some fine flying planes show up for sale thanks to all 3 residents, now a 4th guy buys them and organises some plane races and many folks have fun on an rented airfield Sim - The whole economy and entertainment flourishes like in RL because many people bring original new stuff that can be gathered, improved and have new uses - On what I understand this Ozimals colapse would not happen if everyting was coming from one solo creator, but anyway it is still Sinergy that makes VWs more magic than anything else on the web


There has been a posted rebuttal to the Ozimals's blog post. Reading through this, it certainly seems like they (Ozimals) brought about their own demise by terrible management and decision making.


Summer Haas

Was there really that many people still breeding on such a large scale that any land loss would be noticeable? I find that really hard to believe. What I do find believable though is that it seems the original owners of Ozimals we're very irresponsible and greedy.


Good. That breedable stuff caused so many issues when neighbor parcels all were using them.

Bixyl Shuftan

Some good news. Even if a bunny owner doesn't get the news until after hibernation, they can still save their pets. The package provided with the timepiece and other items was copy-transferable. You can get one by asking someone who already has a copy, such as the bunny fans in the "For The Love of Oz" group. I also have a crate of the items you can get a copy of at HV Community (135/85/25).

Mike Kalber

Did Ozimals ever get new owners since 2011? I didn't know that. I've always thought that Malkavyn and Aeron was the same person behind those avatars, and Aeron was just the "creator account". Him and "Candy" were the heads of the company since 2009, atleast that's what i was thinking all the time.
Did we (or i) miss something?

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