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Thursday, May 18, 2017


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Dartagan Shepherd

Good deal.

I'm a bit confused about Akimeta being involved, although they seem to have been the first partner.

I remember them bringing in another partner for scripting that had Wasteland(?) sims, although I forget who owned that roleplay venture. I think they parted ways as well after some months.

At the time, those of us doing other breedables were talking about whether we should continue if Ozimals was going to bring patents to the party, which we considered overkill.

The point Hamlet made about breedables and the SL economy is absolutely true. Our breedables saw some hundreds of people buy substantially more land to support them and I know other breedables did as well.

I'm not sure how popular breedables are these days, but it was a wave at the time, and we were all pulling in some thousands a month. Obviously Ozimals and Amaretto were the top two which is why they got into their slugfest.

Oddly enough I don't see this play for power kind of thing in the indie/semi pro gaming industry that seems to be true in some SL types of ventures. We understand healthy competition and what can and can't be done with IP better I think.

Patchouli Woollahra

Much respect and appreciation to Bixyl Shuftan for keeping the rescue kit out for a while longer. the original Ozimals sims were shutting down when I last checked, so I was fretting about where else Ozimals bunnehs owners could get them.

I Remember Phoenix

Bixyl still has it out as of the 19th - there is a constant stream of people coming in to get it. He is saving the virtual lives of many much loved companions!

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