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Friday, May 12, 2017


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Desmond Shang

Steelhead will make it, and we shall all be stronger for it.

The key to survival, is to remember that just about any drama that comes along, is completely forgotten and ancient history after about a week and a half :)

Princess Selena of Rosehaven

I am so happy that Steelhead is coming back, as an ally nation and fellow victorian/medieval/gaslight/steampunk estate I know how hard it is to keep a strongly themed estate going through all the twists and turns that the economic landscape throws at us.

We just expanded Rosehaven with two new homesteads and moved another homestead to recreate some long lost and loved sailing space. I think the recent doom, gloom and fear over the grid being in decline is somewhat well founded but not for all estates. Yes there are economic challenges but the strongly themed estates with loyal and creative communities will survive longer than the generic ones.

CONGRATS STEELHEAD! We are glad you are back!

Fuzzball Ortega

I'm fairly new at this sim ownership/sim landlord thing. Thankfully, people are very patient with me. They're just happy to have a Steelhead sim, again.

We'll make it. Going to take our time, but we'll make it.

CronoCloud Creeggan

Steelhead, Yay! Welcome back.

Carlos Loff

I have been away from SL for the last 5 years but using other platforms, yet I visited sometimes and realised how evolved are all the products and sims and how many people are still there - Once I almost cried, so much I mised it but the tiers are punishing pressure - So WTF - I got crazy and just rented a whole Homestead - As this article points out, building a beautifull place is the easyest part, specially when we have an outstanding inventory - Making it and keeping it alive and affordable, that is the chalkenge so lets goooo - SL is pretty much aliveeee

Skusting Dagger

For some reason Steelhead came to mind last night, as I was getting ready to start a small art theft RP in one of its' sister cities, New Babbage. (I was trying to remember if there was some RP angle to the loss of the original Steelhead because I wanted to use it as a place of origin of the stolen art) This morning it was so good to discover that it has returned as I started to look things up. Congrats and kudos to Sheriff Fuzzball Ortega. (Now Mayor Fuzzball, I'm guessing), I can't think of a better person to spearhead Steelhead's revival. As a long time resident of New Babbage, I have no idea how I missed this news of the return of Steelhead. All the best to the City and it's residents!

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