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Tuesday, May 23, 2017


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It's the huge goggles that VR requires that most people can't get past. No one wants to have something that big on their head, impeding their view.

I still say that the only places these things will take off are in amusement parks.


Well, as a owner of a Development Company, I have to say, this looks like from someone, that has not really a clue about VR. First of all; there are mayor differences about systems and experiences. HMDs (Head Mounted Displays) like Google Cardport, Daydream and Samsung GearVR are limited and seated/standing experiences. Cheap but causing motionsicknes and are limited to headmovement in the axys.
Oculus Rift and Vive from HTC are first generation Roomscale Expedience HMDs, expensive but well tracked to walk in a limited space freely within VR.

And there are a few more categories and systems. But not only the leak of the explaining, comparing of those facts shoes, this numbers are saying absolut nothing at all.

Sadly, this have a toutch of "i like to be a part, but i don't really care".
Such things does not help, it desturbs the growing of the area of VR.


250$ breaking point if you want this to be a big thing. Nobody puts up 800$ just to try something out. When the price comes down there will be more quality content. To small market today for developers.

Carlos Loff

James AU - how many hours per week do you spend with a VR headsey on your head ???

Carlos Loff

melponeme_k - Exactly - If you really want to go VR you do it big, in style and fully loaded with sensors and walking/flying gimmicks,and of course sharing it with friends, but not on you everyday online hours at home - VR will bring the new Arcades

sirhc deSantis

Interesting on price point. All the way from cardboard (hey even given away) to full geek diving mask 800 bucks plus- for the same 'content'. And content == rejigged throwaway.. Which I consume on throwaway...
Was glad to see CHRIS from 'Development Company' show how we were all getting it wrong too. Love eloquence when I aintgotnone.
Also the figs missed a point. The boy luckey might have touched stuff so yurghhhhh

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