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Wednesday, May 10, 2017


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Clara Seller

It's easy to see the problem with the information at hand. These companies know that they have a problem and they know that we know that they have a problem. The only thing that they have is just a lot of smoke and mirrors and an uncomfortable PR campaign in denial.

I think the big problem is what they and we don't know. Where is everyone going to be in 3 years? I've never known a time in my life where the not-so-distant future is so dramatically up for grabs. There is very little to be optimistic about these days without the support of drugs or a bunker stocked with gold.

Remember when we were hearing that crap about how those poor slobs that didn't have anything in the real world could use VR to give their pathetic existence some kind of meaning? Don't hear that angle much anymore now that reality has shown us the dregs of society are going to need to cough up a lot of money for their Virtual Salvation. I guess the good news is that they've narrowed their market down to the people who don't need their product.

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