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Thursday, May 25, 2017


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If interested in the closed Beta, there are a limited number of keys available on their website (for purchase)

Dartagan Shepherd

Was going to hold out on exploring this one for a while, but then upon browsing their forums I came upon this gem:

"Every time I think I can make it, I die from something stupid. Like, I created a sail to put on my ship but then it fell on me because I wasn’t paying attention."

This should be a selling point, I love it.

Must see Seattle SEO service

Really huge fan of Skies of Arcadia and had a ton of fun with the island creator, so I'm keeping a very close eye on this! However, I got burned pretty bad by No Man's Sky, and I'm worried that the "What do players actually do?" issue might come up again. Still, thanks for trying something new and I'm sure I'll be checking this out soon.

Carlos Loff

Very interesting but too much specific for an SL Lover of freedom and synergy

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