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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


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More and more ridiculous each time you put this in Wagner. For the love of all that is holly put on your big pants stop whining.

metacam oh

Who is this Pro-Treason Trump troll who keeps coming into every post about Trump? He's a traitor and he's going down, deal with it.

Patchouli Woollahra

@metacam oh: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then... well, it turns out sometimes that you don't win, but I don't see that happen often!

Satire has always been a sharp blade when one can't be truthfully blunt to power.

Clara Seller

I look at all of this and just wonder what people see as the endgame? What are people hoping to get if they get what they want?

Look at what's happening in front of your face. The legacy media, the neoliberal Democrats, and the neoconservative Republicans are using flimsy unnamed source evidence to point blame and scream "election tampering and collusion" in an attempt to destroy a legitimately elected President. Like him or not, he won the election by the rules. The forces that are screaming "collusion" are the same forces that were caught red-handed colluding together to successfully create a fraudulent Democratic Primary. This has been so well documented and proven that major players were fired for it. Let that sink in... people were fired for this. What would you call people who orchestrate election fraud over the American people?

I really want an answer to this. What would you call people who orchestrate election fraud over the free will of the American people? And while you are answering that, what would you call people who support their efforts to seize power by any means available? Look at the whole picture and see where you're standing in it.

metacam oh

Trump committed treason. To act like that's ok or blame the media or try to point to something else to pretend like that's not a big deal, you're fooling yourself. I'm old enough to remember when treason was a big deal. It still is. Benedict Donald.


Excellent points Clara;
I'm done trying to educate leftist liberal dolts or really just showing what is so blatantly obvious. Watching the left flap about grasping at anything is really a pathetic conclusion to their demise. Bottom line..WE WON,YOU LOST, ..GO DIE.

Tim King

Let's not forget; Trump lost the popular vote by about 3 million votes nationwide. So for all of our Trump voting friends, I would ask that you not take for granted the qualifications of Trump's win. Add on to this, the fact that every single one of nation's top intelligence chiefs testified under oath that the Russians led a massive cyber attack against the Democrats with the intent to damage their bid for the White House. This was a huge attack and very damaging.

So, please just keep that in mind when proclaiming your win. We should also remember that no person, even our new president, is above the law. Plus, ignorance of the law is not an excuse. Never was. Never will be.


Winning the most votes IS NOT how you win the presidency. See, it is the electoral college that is the scorecard.
Think of it as a football game, you may have the most yardage running the ball, passing the ball, the most sacks, the most catches BUT if the score is greater for the opponent, then, SURPRISE, you lose.
The electoral college is the scorecard not the popular vote. I know this is hard for the whiners to understand. You lost...period.

metacam oh

but but but Trump committed treason. It's not left or right to see what's right in front of your face.

Let's go over the facts

Trump refuses to acknowledge Russia attack on our democracy, still won't even say it without trying to cast doubt upon it.

That cannot stand, so Obama issues sanctions.

Flynn calls Russia while Obama is still President, tells them not to worry they will pull sanctions back (treason)

Trump gets in office, rolls back the sanctions. On a country that just attacked us.

Syria uses gas, Trump bombs a parking lot in response and everyone declares see he's not with the Russians.

He insults everyone with wreckless abandon, left, right, our allies, Australia etc, never utters a bad word about Putin.

Trump fires Comey because he wouldn't drop the investigation into how deep Russia got.

Invites the Russians into the WH (A country that just attacked us) and brags about firing Comey.

Gives diplomatic property back to Russia, gets nothing back.

None of this includes the fact that Kushner snuck the Ambassador into Trump tower, attempted to set up a communication channel in the RUSSIAN embassy.

Sessions meets with the Russians, lies about it under oath, then when he gets caught he admits it, and then a 3rd meeting is found out about that he never admitted to.

Everyone under the sun warns Trump that Flynn is compromised, and only until the media gets the story he fires Flynn, chastises the media for ruining Flynn a guy who was being paid by Russia and Turkey and not disclosing it.

I mean this is not even half of the shit. Maybe if one of these things happened it could be just a coincidence, but seriously, how big of a fool do you have to be not to see what happened here. Really.

Madeline blackbart

Damn it I thought you were starting to get better about not posting political bullshit on this blog. People come here to read about second life not politics. Christ on a cracker. Does this cause you to lose readers because of the rather alienating bickering between the two sides in the comments? I assume it must which is why you've cooled down on this lately. Why do you keep posting this crap? It's so toxic.

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