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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


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LL is sucking that Cow's tit harder and harder


They do relise by doing this they will lose more people which will only hurt them worse right?




people are going to go to inworldz because of LL doing this its cheeper there

Just Say'n

@ Vicki

Linden Lab operates as a real business with real development costs/hosting expenses vs. what Inworldz? a company without the tech knowledge to fix/update a website after three years?...give us a break sister!

Patchouli Woollahra

Render unto Linden Lab that which is needed to keep Second Life alive, or you may find yourself without a Second Life to log into sooner rather than later.

(Let's be brutally honest, SL's days are not going to be around forever, but paying for maintenance and occasional boosts will help it stay around longer)

Chic Aeon

These new fees will ONLY impact those cashing out over $1000 at a time -- below that the fee remains as it has been since introduced awhile back. That isn't really all that many people.

And it is pretty easy to get around the increase on buying Lindens, simply by buying twice as much as you normally would -- and less often. And even if you don't, it 20 cents!

So really much ado about something most folks can work around.

And I am not seeing how this sentence in the post makes any sense: " If that's right, we may see less delays, since developers will now need to pay $10 to process the virtual goods they own into US dollars. "

A VERY few folks will pay $10 more to cashout their US dollars to Paypal.

Thea Dee

I will pay the extra 20 cents per transaction to buy my Lindens to buy the plethora of content available in Second Life. I don't think it's too much to ask, and like Chic mentions above, a little pre-planning on my part would avoid the majority of fees I pay anyway. As far as cashing out... I don't do it and I don't know a lot of people who do on any significant scale. Most people who are gonna be outraged by this are really not even affected by it.

BTW.. I have been to InWorldz and cheap land doesn't mean anything to me when there are very few people there to interact with and little content to work with.

Carlos Loff

Just Say'n - Why don´t you post as Just Linden ??? Or even better... Why don´t you post with your RL name and therefore hit us with a valid post ??? Do you want me to list what LL has not been able to fix on the past 14 years ??? - It would be a god damm long post

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