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Monday, June 26, 2017


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Supernova Slade

people need to stop buying full perm stolen game models it's ruining SL by running out real original artists.

my friend who is very well know is closing shop soon with the customers losing out on new unique mesh to SL.

Why spend days or weeks on something to only be undercut so bad why even bother.

Samrokz50 Fizzle

"People who live in photoshopped glass houses shouldnt throw stolen rocks!" - Mistress Midnight

"scripted stuff is almost as good as bling!" - Paolo Portocarrero


I noticed that no one I know cares even one bit over the SL birthday event and the overwhelming majority actually did not even know it happened. I myself also stopped caring and after several years of disapointment this year was the first time I decided not to go there.


Hey LL, please do something about orbiters. It's getting old.


need find what overload the ram memory inside your site always my chrome crash after some minutes with the site open


There needs to be a crack down on scammers on the SL MP stealing people's stuff and reselling it. Which makes me wonder if some of the issues in Second Life are being addressed in Sansar and its marketplace.

I'll need to have another look around Space. Been in a couple of times. It will be an interesting one to keep an eye on, though the one thing I really really like about SL (and Inworldz) is their global map with maritime areas. I'm inclined to think Sansar might not be like this, based on what I've heard.

I'd like to see a virtual world with a sea depth far greater than 20 metres (can't recall if Inworldz has the same depth as SL). Would be great for underwater building, realistic deep water marine landscapes, and underwater cities.


Forgot to say that when I asked about sea depth in the Space Q&A here, I didn't get an answer on that, and when I went in I could see the reason why. Space is quite different from SL, and I'm wondering if Sansar is more like Space.


Hey Ysabelle - I didn't see the query on water depth; but theoretically 'very large' (>= 10000m); our coordinates go into negatives just fine. Floating point precision (a weird kind of glitch that happens at extreme distances) is the only limit.

We just added some new components specifically to handle large bodies of water - so we're looking forward to creators using those; they let people tag areas as underwater (as water/oceans/etc is entirely optional in space.); expect some announcements soon - we're also adding a nice waterway & boats to our welcome area. :)

Carlos Loff

Just Opened New SIM - FREE SEX - Zero Rules - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Squirt/111/124/29

Besides RL law & SL TOS, ANYTHING GOES - Enter at your risk - Love Us or Leave Us

Google+ Community - https://plus.google.com/communities/116373900749529146972

Carlos Loff

YsabelleStewart - You can build anything you like on SL or Opensim (Inworldz or any other grid) and even if you can only go dow acfew meters you can always raise the water level many metets above and just have whatever depts you wish


I love Second Life, it's the only place I know where every dream, fear, fantasy or just escape from the routine is possible, no matter how crazy it is. In Second Life there is no time limits, you can live an approximation to certain epochs, from the Middle Ages to an unsuspected future. From your home you can go down to the most remote and dark corner of a metropolis. The SL limit is in your own mind. I have met people with serious health problems in their real life with reduced mobility, even without mobility, people who are confined to a wheelchair or a bed, but in SL can even fly. In creative terms and possibilities I think that SL lives an excellent moment, sadly its own economy is not very good (I think that is due to the oligopolies from some creators), many retired people who live with a small monthly check can not afford A HD PC with a great performance for Sansar. I hope SL lasts for many more years.


Thanks for your response Adam. That's very interesting! I will be back in to have a look around again as soon as I can! Thanks!

Carlos - thanks. :)

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