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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


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Just Say'n

"Sansar's reported lack of dynamic sandbox-style content creation will definitely disappoint old school hardcore SLers"

People are not stupid, if the next virtual world fails to provide cutting edge user creation tools for people to fully express themselves, then it will never go mainstream and only compete with SL.

This whole idea that everyone wants to be a consumer is a real failed business model at best, while at worst, an invitation to bankruptcy courts and mass layoffs.

This is not the exception, but the standard for any next-gen VR World
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QP3YywgRx5A It all starts with a cube how ironic =)


Do you know the story of the scorpio and the frog? the scorpio asked the frog if he could help build a new world. The frog was hesitant, knowing how the scorpio had treated him in the past, but the frog was a friendly creature that likes to build, so he helped anyways. But halfway the closed alpha the frog felt a terrible sting. The scorpio insulted him, intimidated him, used him as unpaid worker, let him be attacked by copybotters, trolls, rude midlevel lindens, grievers and more. The frog could not take anymore and sunk. And the scorpio cried over the terrible injustice the frog did him, while he sunk to the bottom with him.

James Heisler

Lindens are by far the WORST moderators and site designers on planet Earth and their 'improvements' have completely destroyed usability of Second Life for most users. Permanently boycotting SL from now on.

sirhc deSantis

Interesting. So now we know that "Adult content won't be allowed at the opening of Sansar's creator beta this summer. " Will be sure to send that on. Can see their point I guess - I mean, wouldn't want to scare the kiddies sorry I mean experience creators target money would we.

(Not sure how reddit works and frankly can't be arsed to find out as I've heard its full of rascist sexist weirdo whackadoodles so saved the whole thing for posterity)

Carlos Loff

If they bothered to explain what Sansar is or wants to be Exactly - There would not be exagerated expectations - They better tune up SL because it will remain their milking cow for many years to come

Joe Guy


And going where, please?

David Cartier

I would say give it a chance, but frankly SL has never been the fun community it was during beta. That is mostly the result of Linden Lab giving us features and benefits nobody asked for. They still have something of Philip's concept of SL as "Virtual Cuba. "Second Life is a rather weird niche market, but beta testing with SL content creators does rather lend itself to the idea that the content will be rather like that of SL. As that is apparently NOT the case, who, exactly, is their projected customer base?


"I would say give it a chance, but frankly SL has never been the fun community it was during beta"

When was that? 14 years ago or longer? I've been having fun for the last 10 years. Maybe my friends and I are doing something different.


Bad governance, bad leaders and bad ideas lead to..(drum roll)...bad civilizations.

nuff said

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