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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


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Raven Walls

LL needs to clean up the lag in SL it gets worse every day. And its not our computers because I have an updated one with gaming video card. They need to get all the crap cleaned up that floats on mainland that has been there for years. There are houses on mainland that have been unoccupied for years with peoples furniture still there that have not been used in years. Particles floating around all over mainland. I went to a store on mainland one time and there was a car in the side of a wall in a home that was still making running noises and I have since gone back to the same store for many years and that same car and house is there. I have to turn off my sounds while I shop due to the noise it makes. LL needs to clean up this grid before the open another one and lose loyal people like me on the first Second life grid. I have paid tier in sl for many many years and would like to see prices drop for land. Its senseless to charge the prices these landowners are trying to get. Many people come to sl with the hopes of socializing and to have to pay high tier can cause people to go to events and stores and hang out which in return causes more lag at events for people actually shopping and not standing around because they dont have land. Make more Hubs for people to stand around in and restrict their particle usage. They come to these events and cause tons of lag where people shopping can not even move. This drops the time we spend shopping and spending money buying from creators. Who wants to shop in lag??? clean up Second life grid if you want more people coming online. And less leaving SL and abandoning their land.


With wonderful people like Raven inhabiting SL, it's a wonder that it isn't drawing more people.


Carlos Loff

Correct me if Im wrong but abandoned lands have no prims or scripts at all, so that car on the wall is taking a server load that is being paid by whomever still pays the tier or premium subscription gor that land, regardless off how long he doesn't show up, so wherever there is stuff, some user is paying for it's load - Of course that making all lands tier cheaper would help bringing in more creatives and spread people across more Sims, all around

Carmen Burana

SL is a world that works like the real one, has its economy that works like the real one and everything is integrated, everything is connected in a society. What if in the real world people stop buying from small stores to buy Walmart or JC? Easy, all those little shops disappear, monopolies are not good to any society or economy, here in America or in Europe or Asia. If you search in the Marketplace you will see tahn the largest quantity of products is clothing, it is the biggest movement in the SL economy. All of this popped up when mesh bodies appeared, people started buying clothes for their bodies, I use Aesthetic and I've bought clothes from the same creator who made clothing for my regular avatar (L & B). I have also bought clothes from other good creators who use the Aes template (which is on sale to the public in the MP). But women's clothing is different Women buy a LOT of clothes (See cuantities for men or women at MP). Blueberry, Vinyl, etc. They launch clothes in industrial quantities, their sim is always very full and with permanent lag. Their templates is not on market (they are in their right), but no other creator does not have access to them, how could they sell? Unfortunately many old creators had to close (all the cleavage sim is no longer exists and the creators who sold there, closed even them main stores, I think more than 25 creators closed, talking only about that sim) to close those stores Abandon more lands and Blueberry, Vinil, etc ... they pay a single sim. If 3 creators are left with the money of 25 creators (and counting), they will accumulate a lot of money, if I were one of them I would draw that money from the SL economy. The damage? Less money circulating, more vacant land.


I think private region ownership is going down because of the sheer cost of region ownership in Secondlife.

As someone who runs a successful-ish store in SL I can afford to keep my region running but it eats heavily into my profits. It would be really difficult for a startup to afford what I have unless they are really successful in what's an increasingly more competitive market - Not to put people off it, I really encourage people to get their creativity on - that's what SL is for after all!

I'd say that region ownership growth is perhaps not something that LL should be aiming for though - rather - increasing the quality of the regions that already exist should be a priority. Secondlife shoppers seem to be obsessed with the Gacha and event movement and can't get enough of that, so building on that, you could probably make a lot more money. Encouraging quality hangouts, reducing the lag so that people run into technical difficulties less often would be great too. Happy players spend money


LL is a lot like some companies example like the Disney Empire. They have the money they just don't want to have to spend it unless they have to. The longer they can hold onto that dollar the more gain they get off it. Regardless of the lag, system down times or loss of residents they made their mark for the month.

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