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Friday, June 30, 2017


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Maxwell Graf

The grand canyon scene is amazing too, at 40Km, and geographically accurate to 1m! Let that sink in for a minute.


Max: yep! I'd also add two things to the list:

1- Our new avatars and body sliders release is just about out, but if you want to grab a early look, you can grab our creator preview version at http://creator.sine.space/download/ - the new avatar stuff I'm really happy with. :)

2- There's a ton of other places on the grid I'd say it's worth checking out; in no particular order:

- BlakOpal
- Cloud City
- Gothika (it's under renovation right now, but looking good...)
- Futuristic Park (requires a creator account - only on creator grid for now)
- Anything in the featured list


Until I see you talking in person with your studio & staff while having not seen you in any of the magazines or articles Ebbe or Rosedale have been featured in then Space is just another version of Opensim... time to show your operating as a real business not just some dreamer running a laptop from some third world trailer park

Pay $99 a month in Space or Sansar for top end packages only to have no real ingame content creation while both platforms want to dick me over about what I can import with the internet having hundreds of millions of .obj files for free..passing

Rosedale seems to be the only one who gets it.


Hey Cute,

I do talk regularly - mostly it's here in Australia, since it's where I'm based - I was most recently showing space to the Sydney Unity Users Group, and was exhibiting at GX Australia about two months back. Most of our UK office just got back from Unite Europe today and we had someone exhibiting at ISTE 2017 this week as well.

We're around & we do show ourselves. I'll next be at Unite Melbourne and PAX here in .au; and our UK team should be at most of the European/UK game industry, 3D animation conferences for the next year. (We're also active with the VW-related press and media, I've spoken at the OSCC last year, and with Drax and Mal Burns in the past few months)

Now, in-world creation - we've just added a suite of new tools for that, and there are more on the way; I do maintain that in-game tools will never be as good as external ones, so I don't want to get in the way of people using good tools; but that doesn't mean we're not interested in expanding and making those in-world tools more useful.

For reference though, our import tools do allow pretty much every format under the sun, including OBJ. Personally, I prefer FBX as it's a much more strictly defined format with better feature support; but pretty much everything works.

Our feature priorities do include more in-world build tools - most recently we've been focused on avatar improvements, which the fruits of which come out on Monday; and our next focus is on improving UI features - but we do have more in-world build and customisation tools on their way in the 2nd half of this year, and getting an easier import process into play is something actively weighing on our minds at the moment.


@ Adam
Thanks for the reply and fair enough with one last question - Why no Firestorm Viewer,RLV Viewer or other 3rd party viewers?


Short answer: because we're not based on OpenSim - it's a ground-up new virtual world, with totally new architecture.

Basically, I left the OpenSim project back in ~2010 because I realised that the SL architecture which it was reliant on, was inherently limited; so - I moved on and started work on the platform which would, eventually, become space. :)


Sudan and Zone 54B are great looking regions. I'll be interested to try out the new avatar and body sliders. Would like to change the look of mine.


The new av sliders you can check out today on the ones I linked above, but they should be publicly released later today assuming the testing holds OK. :)



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