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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


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Patchouli Woollahra

Bearing in mind here that Second Life went gold in 2003. Looking up the records - this was just after the first dot-com bubble burst. Second Life became a refuge for many luckier creatives out of firm full-time employment at the time.

Could we be looking at a repeat of this phenomenon if the US economy starts tanking?

Just Say'n

Well it may have the to do with underlining Pornography addictions were they think ill-fully that avatars are closer to real physical love then it is to masturbation.. when both suffer from lack of real sensitive real touch/smell/taste/warmth ..both Pornography & Avatar Sex use mostly visual stimulation/some voice that hardwired the brains reward system when it should not while desensitizing people adding more barriers to real intimacy.

Instead of more avatars against trump articles this week how about NOFAP Avatar Week?.. great for male/female..pornography addictions weather movie based or avatar based are equally destructive... not just Secondlife as WOW/Skyrim/Sims & many other games have mods that can turn the whole game into skinflick booths for fapping.

The increase in more males online has more underling reasons them many think as one escape from the real world issues they might find VR/Simulated Partners will have dire conservancies in other aspects of thier lives or worsen an addiction they never realized having.





Total Eclipse

Well, they decide not to be part of the workforce and instead live off someone else's money, e.g. their parents. What's wrong with that? Oh yes, I guessed it, it is because they are MEN. If a woman aged 25 drops out of the workforce "during the most consequential years of their working lives" and lives off her husband's income, it's called her "choice" and she is being applauded for it by certain people ...

sirhc deSantis

Thought this was all boy-palmers plan anyway.


Le Shrug.

Dartagan Shepherd

Sure, spend more federal dollars to study the symptoms as a cause, rather than study the cause that culture changes produce unmotivated wimps that took easy courses that make them unfit for the labor force.

My generation had it right. If you're not working or in school you're kicked out of the nest. You'll either fly or plummet on your own merits. It's a great motivator.


This is a whole false dialectic. The powers that be DON'T CARE that men and women are now living life in VR. THEY WANT THIS TO HAPPEN. That is the whole point!

Eventually they will "gamify" (real term used on TED)our whole lives. Soon our whole day to day life outside VR will depend on what games we play.

Game A only pays you Poopy Points depending on what you do in game. Poopy Points can only be used in certain stores.

Want to shop elsewhere? That new shop only takes Doofus points! Well register for another game. No doubt only points that can be processed through Facebook will be accepted in stores.

We already have the points system. EVERY store uses the concept.

Do you see where this is going? Do you see the jailed populace that will be forced to live 24/7 in unreality. It will be required if you want bread from the store.

Flashing Merlin

Cause and effect is not clear from the data. There seems to be an assumption that addiction to video games is keeping the the young from the work force, but this country has steadily lost jobs due to automation and outsourcing since 2000. It could be the growing lack of job opportunities that discourages job hunting and forces the young to live at home. Then the increase in gaming is just a symptom, not a cause.

Personally, I'm at the other end of the age spectrum: I'd like to drop out of the work force, and retire to a virtual world!

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