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Friday, July 28, 2017


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sirhc deSantis

AltSpace who? Well now "We’re a venture-backed startup. We had a supportive group of investors that last gave us money in 2015."
And in terms of user base use SL sure. It is the only reliable metric. But for every alt I have a standalone which goes from leaps to erm more leaps.

Its like your sponser there trying to leech SL users away - Sl is flawed (this last week is a primo example not seen since 09) but oddly enough inworld_updated_unix 1501272911 inworld_updated_slt 2017-07-28 13:15:11 inworld 46881 even when theres a new TOS to add to the crappiness:)

More seriously, the link you give about "Early VR Communities Adopting Gaming's Toxic Male Culture" is something that in SL the tools to deal with it are built in. Since at least December 30th 2006 when i wombled in. Then when did people ever learn.

Amanda Dallin

Those avatars are a big reason they failed. It doesn't matter how good the world looks, if the avies don't appeal and make a connection with people they won't stay around long enough to notice anything else.

Ciaran Laval

"Still, they are all very, very new. And the variables in VR headset dev and adoption may turn out to surprise us all."

This is a very key point. Microsoft's links to mixed reality headsets and a bigwig at EA saying that AR is more exciting at the moment suggest that Altspace was in the right direction but maybe on a trickier path. They have played an important role in proof of concept but funding is all important and the avatar point is something that devs really need to take onboard.

Just Sayn

Altspace it seems was just another cloud party

Had Linden Lab created a real SL2 it would have had a strong mobile presence were the REAL MONEY is just look at Roblox a game almost 14 years old too, stealing all our noobs.
SL2 would have benefited SL1 but not with Sansar it will just divide the user base eroding the population further.

Future article?
'Sansar's Demise Suggests Dark, Difficult Future for Ebbe Linden's career'


Snapchat over facebook. Facebook over twitter. twitter/soc and mobile 9less is more) media over the whole web.

BS. They don't all die. Yes, myspace didn't survive Facebook and Spotify/Pandora/Tidal very well. But, VR fans were still around even before Oculus and the big game and electronic companies jumped in. Headsets were on the verge of becoming better, the screen speed (gaming on flat monitors was unheard of until the refresh etc got better, remember that?) so basically it was more electronics engineer based opportunity. The big companies just popularized it after Oculus got so much attention.

Now more VR fans are out there, they have some hardware that is better. But the masses may not really care. Most people talk on phones over writing letters, emails etc. But email is very much alive and well, regardless of your updates, tweets, and timelines. Yup, some things are old grizzled champions of the killer app/tech arena. They fight on, never giving way. The phone, or simply talking into a microphone and transmitting it to one person who listens using a speaker, is still alive and well regardless of video chat.

Same with VR. Some will use it, as do some who like Snapchat for instance. Snapchat is maybe new, but video chat is not. Picture sharing or editing in a funny way is not new either. One day someone may really perfect a headset, a usage or otherwise make VR work for some. Maybe. Then again, some things are not so great and die.

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