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Wednesday, July 19, 2017


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Just Say'n

I thought Sansar was suppose to be a different product not aimed at SL users, so why would her fans(mini cash cows) care to follow to repurchase a whole new inventory?

Her fashion is OK, but 'NOT THE BOMB' by a long shot!
those of use in the know long ago figured out bigger brands is not always better when it comes to quality,fit & unique style.

Princess Selena of Rosehaven

I adore Max, we have been friends for years and I think I own every single thing that Blueberry has released, but even with that said these mini ads for Sansar have not piqued my interest in the slightest. I keep waiting with baited breath that Sansar will release some news or video that will change my mind, but for now... I am not convinced it is something worth my time.

metacam oh

Anyone notice the water in these videos?

Clara Seller

Sansar did promise that content creators would be king, so I guess we are at a point where we get to glimpse the royalty frolic with their creations in a very tightly controlled message?

These creators seem like nice people and I wish them the best in their new world.

Until I see a message more inspiring than being a tourist through the valley of the kings, I'm wondering what's in it for the average user? So far, it just smacks of elitism. Our world, our imagination, stand in line until called and have your credit card ready.


Well said Clara. So to really experience it I need to spend hundreds of dollars for a headset. If I'm not mistaken I need to pay a monthly fee to play (I could be wrong "hear say"). And I wouldn't doubt it that I have to pay to upload content. Probably have to pay to have my own space to play. Hmm maybe I'm way off but sounds like a money pit and like you said...
"A tourist through the valley of the kings"

Amber Lyndhurst

I have owned a rental companey in SL for the past 7 years, we are also in inworldz and now sansar, even though sansar will proberley never have skybox, house or land rentals its just nice to bave our brand name in there.

You also do not need a headset to build in sansar but it is very diffrent set up and dose take some getting used to.


So far I haven't been asked to pay a penny to use Sansar preview. Perhaps there will be a premium experience, just like in SL but not compulsory. I'm a premium member in SL but wasn't for the first 7 years so there you go.
I'm aware I can buy items in Sansar but haven't looked at that part of it yet.


There's a curation problem here.

Now almost all of us need to upgrade our computers, HMDs etc, safe to say it is a little luxury.
Look at this girl from Greece-Turkey <3 congratulations to her! I think she is a kind of virtual world's "Zara".

But good marketing is mostly common sense : can retail fashion really sell technological luxury? What is the marketing target here? The girl next door?

Creators can be picked with regards to the income or traffic they generate: Zara's owner net worth is 82 Billion, Yves Saint Laurent (RIP) is 154 Million. Who do you pick to sell the edgy new tech?

I think that Sansar's communication leaves a cloggy aftertaste. I understand it saves time & money to pick things with a "war card game" logic, but anyone can do this & this is not proper curation, at least absolutely not at this vanguard stage.

ps: this is not criticism directed at the content creator mentioned in the article, she's doing great!


The overt sexism of these 4 videos blowing me away. Male sansar creators are experienced 3D artists in their 50s that talk informative about the tech, women are cute 20 something year olds that babble idiotic and even false things like that sansar is unique. At least drax gets to promote himself in every one of these, paid by the lab.

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