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Wednesday, July 19, 2017


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He's an interesting writer but I wish he could go a paragraph without plugging a book. It gets tiresome.

Giulio Prisco

David is a great writer, and the three books he mentions are my favorite. In the order: Earth (a masterpiece), Existence, and Kiln people.

Come and listen to David (and other highly imaginative speakers) in Second Life later today (July 20 10am Pacific Time)!


"His 2008 Second Life appearance was done via text chat, prompting him at one point to write, "How on Earth could anybody call this 'discourse' subtle or detailed or serious?” Fortunately, tomorrow's appearance will be voice-driven."


Here it is almost 2018 and the only VR still standing is Second Life and its main method of communication is text chatting.

I bet it BURNS them that SL isn't transhumanist. It burns their britches that SL fans spend their days buying houses, inhabiting avatars that are aggressively, blandly human and text chatting gossip. Why, why can't we be misanthropes who want to leave humanity behind? WHY? Why does Philip Rosedale's brain only think about virtual lingerie?


Giulio Prisco

Terasem’s 12th Annual Workshop On Geoethical Nanotechnology took place as usual on July 20 2017 in the Terasem sim, Second Life, with great talks by David Brin, Yalda Mousavinia, David Orban, and Martine Rothblatt. Watch the full video below...

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